1. dreamweaver

    Rss feeds

    Hi all I am setting up a news site and was looking for a rss feed that will automatically grab rss feeds from other sites . I would like it to take the full article and then to give the articles source either at the bottom or top of article . Would have to suit Wordpress ! Any ideas
  2. trickobrien

    Video Hosting

    If I want to stream mp4 video from my site,what options are available.Do I need specific hosting for this? I would be interested in looking at alternatives in terms of video sharing site (but dont want ads)
  3. essjay

    News feeds for a Wordpress site

    Hello all.... I have a site that is targeting a certain trade, lets say the insurance trade. The site is doing quite well (I think), set up last summer and had around 15000 hits in January. It's mainly a news based website about the trade. There are some adverts but all content is provided free...
  4. H

    New Program! HungryHouse - Nice Welcome Promo!

    HungryHouse the easy way to find and order a takeaway delivery in the UK! The launch of our new Affiliate Program available on Affiliate Window offers you a commission level of an industry leading promotional rate of 7.5% per sale! for the first three months, Our standard tier of commission...
  5. CelticJim

    STOP SOPA IRELAND --get your signature in please

    hope this isn't a duplicate-I did search but found nothing don't let this gob****e sean sherlock get away with this nonsense Stop SOPA Ireland*|*Protect the Irish Internet
  6. T

    TheHiddenTech is trying to do the impossible in competing in the Technology and Gaming news and review website market. We are determined and confident that with our clean crisp design and interesting relevant news that we can draw in a good audience. Please Tell us what you think of our site!
  7. mneylon

    Self Service SMS / Text Marketing Solutions?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for self-service SMS / text marketing solutions? Just wanted to investigate the costs etc., Obviously the solution has to work with all Irish networks and ideally would allow users to subscribe by sending an SMS from an Irish mobile I'm not interested in...
  8. MrFlicks (Digiweb) Scam .co Domains Summer 2011 Offer Digiweb .co Introductory offer scam A few months ago (August time) had an introductory offer on for .co domains where a person could register .co domains for just over 4 Euro I know I purchased 4 of them. Recently I received an invoice from saying I owed...
  9. J

    Affiliate Quality Optimization

    After the campaign starts, IMI works with your sales team to track the leads and sales to manage ROI on an ongoing basis. Through continual management of this internet marketing affiliate program, lead and sale quality is maximized while fraud, substandard leads, and in-process losses are...
  10. LinkAssistant

    SEO SpyGlass Software: In-house Backlink Database Launched

    Hi there, we at Link-Assistant.Com are happy to announce that we have recently launched our backlink database! It is now available in SEO SpyGlass in beta - you can try it out in the free version as well. Details are available at -...
  11. L

    SEO Tips

    These are some of the key points of good SEO: Visual side, general design, web usability and accessibility factors considered. [*=left]Clean code complied with W3C. [*=left]Server side optimization. [*=left]Meta, Title and Heading tags edited correctly. [*=left]Proper Keyword selection and...
  12. mneylon

    Google Realtime + New Analytics Reports?

    Has anyone else been playing around with these new reports and the realtime data? The "flow" stuff is pretty amazing!
  13. LinkAssistant

    How to check rankigns for local search?

    Those of you who dont know us (yet :lemo:) - we make SEO tools. One of them is Rank Tracker and it is used extensively for international SEO. Our users often ask - how do I get accurate search results for a client site in Dubai when running Rank Tracker out of New York? In such cases we used to...
  14. M

    Goodbye keyword data

    As of today, under the guise of improving privacy, Google are going to start using SSL by default for logged in Google users. Which means query details won't be passed through to the target website: Google claim that...
  15. LinkAssistant

    Check out cutting-edge SEO reports

    Hey guys, The new trend-setting SEO PowerSuite's SEO reports, fast and clear-cut are out! Real fast and real clear-cut. They'll help you make informed and sure-winning SEO decisions that will propel your website to top Google rankings. You'll get: - an accurate account of all vital SEO data...
  16. mneylon

    Two Of The Best Minds in Tech Launch Podcast

    Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin have launched, a weekly podcast focusing on what they know best – the tech industry. The podcast, which has been in the works for some time is collaboration between Neylon who is the founding director of Irish registrar and hosting company...
  17. B

    Global SEO, What methods to choose?

    Hi, I have a an idea for a new website & I would like to have global aspirations from the beginning. I'm just pondering the best way to do this as I have come up with a few alternatives. For now I would like the website to target 3 languages & countries English French German I like the way...
  18. Clicksor_CS

    Clicksor Accepts French and Spanish Content Sites In Publisher Network

    More good news for Webmasters. Clicksor is now accepting French and Spanish sites on top of German, Chinese, and English sites for our Publisher network. For those of you that want to earn more money, get your ad code and place them on your sites right away. To start adding ad code, let sign up...
  19. T

    Google Keyword Tool Analysis - Huge Anomalies

    Has anyone else experienced huge differences in Keyword results? Example, I searched back in March for a few Terms, found a nice double combo with a good strong Local (Local = Ireland, Lang = Eng etc etc) Monthly of 720. It had a nice even spread across the 12 month range. So we purchased the...
  20. miralize

    Simply Zesty Redesign

    Hi all, Back in 2009 when I was originally starting out as a web designer I was hired by the folks over a Simply Zesty to do a news blog design for them. It wasn't the best, but it was the best I could have produced that stage of my career. 2 years later, I was asked to redesign it again...
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