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  1. W

    Small ad-dependent ePublisher: can you make a living?

    Hi there. I'm one of two partners in a potential mid-2009 web-based start-up. Basically I've joined in the hope of gaining some 'local knowledge' that may well determine the feasibility or otherwise of our fledgling online venture. While the concept, design and editorial expertise are in place...
  2. K

    What are benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising works because: * By using the bidding system, similar to how an action works,everyone can compete on a level playing field. * Pay per click is cost efficient. * Results are measurable. * It's extremely well targeted. * Pay per click is the...
  3. L

    What do you think of companies who use AdWords to promote SEO?

    To me and my colleagues and customers, using AdWords to promote your SEO services seems um, wrong ? Am I wrong ?
  4. mneylon

    Demand up, down or the same?

    Since the economic climate isn't exactly healthy at the moment are people feeling the pinch? Is demand for web work increasing, decreasing or staying the same?
  5. L

    New Boy

    Hi all. My name is Lance Busby. I work for an online marketing agency based in the UK called Summit Media and I currently manage the Viking Direct UK and Ireland Affiliate programmes. If you need any help or assistance with anything please feel free to give me a shout.
  6. I

    21 steps to a successful SEO campaign!

    Call it what you like, but getting more people to buy from you, contact you, subscribe to your website, phone/email you - this is the goal of SEO. But what exactly is SEO? Many business owners see it shrouded in mystery and painfully difficult to get a really clear understanding of what it...
  7. D

    Search Engine Optimisation Consultant / Web Developer

    Inspiration Marketing based in Dun Laoghaire are looking for an SEO Consultant to join our Internet Marketing Team. Inspiration is one of the leading award-winning Online Marketing Agency in Ireland working with Blue Chip, Government and a range of SME clients. Responsibilities: - You will...
  8. mneylon


    This is a really nice way of putting it: FLUMP before you post. - UK Webmaster Talk - Online Marketing - SEO
  9. S

    Free Online Marketing Tool

    See the internet by statistics, and market with a sniper instead of a shotgun.
  10. mneylon

    PodCamp Ireland - Kilkenny 27 September 2008

    PodCamp Ireland: Social Media Strategies, Social Networking, Online Marketing Is anyone planning on going?
  11. gav240z - Built on Drupal 5

    Hi Everyone, I wasn't going to post about it yet as I'm having some IE6 issues, but I figured now is as good a time as any to give feedback. 1.) I know there are some broken links - i only launched it last night. 2.) The front page posts are a bit of a mess - I'm still learning Drupal 3.) Well...
  12. G

    How to Create an E-Commerce business Plan?

    I need to put a businees plan together for an e-commerce site, any help much appreciated....forecasting 2-3 years growth.. What should be factored in...
  13. C

    SEO/Web Specialist

    JOB TITLE:SEO/Web Specialist COMPANY: Vibrant & Progressive Online Company JOB DESCRIPTION: Argus Car Hire has an excellent new opportunity for a Web enthusiast to join a leading Online Company. The successful candidate will have at least 2yrs + SEO experience. Job responsibilities:-...
  14. C

    Web Developer, EMEA

    Description: is one of the most visited B2B websites in the World. To continue to support massive growth in the EMEA business, we are now moving the International sites into a new realm with localized variations of the main English language website in additional languages...
  15. R

    Thirst for knowledge?!

    I am very new to SEO but have been trying to learn by reading ebooks etc..., however what I would really like is to do a course here in Dublin?! Can anyone recommend any good part-time/post-graduate courses or even 1-2 day courses? Thanks!:)
  16. experienceadvertising

    Affiliate Mentoring and Help Available for Free

    Hi all, my name is Evan I own an affiliate management agency here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I really like participating in forums and trying to learn and help others to learn what I know after all these years. I have been in online marketing and affiliate marketing for about 10 years so I...
  17. S

    Anyone involved in Affiliate marketing?

    Hi guys, Hope all is well.... I'm just wondering if there are any advanced affiliate marketers here on this forum? I am interested to get to know these people... Please PM me if you are an affiliate marketer. Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you... Sean
  18. L

    New English school site up - would like feedback!

    Hi there, I have just launched my first site. I had help from a PHP coder who was a little familiar with SEO friendly coding, so it should be an improvement from the previous site. Bear in mind that I do not know how to code in PHP. Besides the obvious that the images make the page load time...
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