1. C

    Where to go now

    Hello everyone I would just like a bit of information in regards to a website that I am running at the moment, it has around 34k Unique's since January and I really want to move things forward in relation to expanding and hopefully getting some good quality advertising on the site, the problem...
  2. F

    Blocking Spam With Javascript

    Hi all, Coder Will Bontrager ( shared this spam busting tip with me, and I thought you might find it useful. --------------- One of the easiest form spam reduction techniques is to put a URL in the form's action tag that goes to a regular page instead of the form handling...
  3. T

    PHP preg_replace help

    I need to parse a string using php preg_replace. I need it to find instances of src=" then change it to src=" but only if it's not already src=" so it would change the following <img src=""> <img...
  4. B

    How long to be fully indexed?

    In general how long does it take for search engines 'google' to fully index a new site? As in all content, meta data, etc etc. Am I right in saying a site does be sand-boxed for the first month or so?
  5. B

    Meta Keywords & Title - Information

    Hi, I need some clarification with regards to meta data information. Is this this correct? Meta Title - For each page I should have a DIFFERENT title eg: Mywebsite - keyword, keyword, keyword etc OR Should I used the same title through out the website? Is this correct? Meta Keywords -...
  6. M

    Return only images in News list...

    I am using Concrete5 on a site I'm working on. Below is the News List display view.php file needed in the block to display the content from news pages. The code allows images entered in the WSYIWYG to appear in the RSS list. I want to know how I can edit the code below, so it shows only the...
  7. M

    Addthis Button PHP help...

    I am trying to implement the method described in this post: AddThis User Community &bull; View topic - seperate news post text instead of whole block to get my Addthis button to act the way I need it to. I have posted on the site, but have gotten no response. I cannot get it to work. Can...
  8. J

    Problem with Google Indexing website pdfs

    Hi, my problem webpages are: www. AND www. Can anyone explain why these two...
  9. P

    Validate form...Blank

    Hi Guys A quick question. I have a few forms on my website that i made in Dreamweaver cs3. As security i added in the Validation mark up. I tested the forms online and when i leave out either the name or email, an error message appears saying that the form can't be sent because these fields...
  10. Z

    Regular Expresions?

    What I'm trying to do is to validate a link input, say a link like is input I need to check and make sure www. is added or if is input I need to remove the http://. I need every link to be formatted like, any help much appreciated.
  11. D

    Canging webspace

    Hi, I'm having some problems with a blog on a site... it won't work and I have re-installed it more than once now. (blog and database right down to trying a completely fresh install. I've checked through the code on the rest of the site and I can't find anything that could be causing the...
  12. B

    RSS feeds

    Let me start of by saying i havent got a clue about rss/xml feeds apart from the concept. What i want to do is add a feed from a third party site (say bbc news for example) so that it shows on my site. How and what do i need to do in order to accomplish this? As i said im clueless on this.
  13. O

    Can I replace a line in a text file or start looping from a line in ASP

    Hi, i am working on a project where I have to read a .txt file for a feed and parse the data line by line. I am using FSO in ASP to do this and it is working fine on small versions of the file, unfortunatly, the actual file is massive in size (670,000 kb) and I am not able to interprete the...
  14. EggDesign

    PHP/Javascript help!

    Hi lads Firstly, my knowledge of php & javascript is very limited. I need to remake this calculator for the clients microsite but cannot get access to the files on the server Contract Cleaning Ireland Contract cleaners Ireland Duct Cleaning Forecourt Cleaning Construction Cleaning Halcyon...
  15. vladimir

    my blog's rss is not parsed near my profile

    Hey admin, your forum feature which suppose to parse my blog's RSS feed is showing a warning. Good to have it fixed. Vladimir
  16. mneylon

    Twitter URL Behaviour?

    Has anyone else noticed that Twitter has stopped auto-shortening URLs?
  17. M

    Wordpress Encrypted Footer Links

    Normally I find it quite easy to remove footer links from wp themes however I have a theme which has the following lines in the functions.php file <?php eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_sbbgre(){$y=\'<n uers="uggc://jjj.fxvacerff.pbz/">Serr jbeqcerff gurzrf</n> ol <n...
  18. F

    Responsetext returns entire html page

    You've probably come across this problem before. I have an Ajax site that has a response.write call in a c# page. This response is read on a javascript function as XMLHTTP.responseText. It is returning what I want but there is an entire page of html after it. I have other places on the site...
  19. mneylon

    [freelance] Custom Applescript App at Sean Ryan

    Location: Limerick Description: Need an Applescript programmer to create an app that will take a text file input and parse the elements and script Quark Xpress and Indesign to give back results based on text passed to it and then output a tab or comma separated text file with the results...
  20. euroweeklynews

    Changing URL to Search Engine Friendly URL in OpenX

    Hi, I´m new to this forum and OpenX so forgive me if this question has been asked before. I searched a bit and couldn´t find the answer. I wish to convert news items with URLs from ID-based names to english-based name such as a title. If you´re familiar with Joomla and other CMS, they have a...
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