1. K

    Image SEO - Hyphen vs underscore vs space?

    Searched the forum but could not find an answer to my specific question (yes i did read the 'URL - hyphen or underscore topic') When giving a title to an image is it better to use hyphen or underscore or a space? How does Google view all this? Or Bing etc?
  2. B

    Not sure if I need a domain name yet

    Hi - I am currenlty developing a new site for a non-profit organisation, it's based on Wordpress for content management. Their existing site is static and way out of date. I'd like to publish interim versions of the new site on the Internet so they can review it online and also allow them to...
  3. B

    Zend Framework php version

    Hi, I'm just installing the Zend Framework for the first time and noticed that it requires php 5.2.4 or later to run. I am running my site on a Blacknight shared linux server running php 5.2.17 so presumed it wouldn't run. However, when i looked at the PHP release history (PHP: Releases) it...
  4. L

    Can't edit Signature links

    I get a warning and taken to another site if I try to edit my sig links :(
  5. essjay

    Sending Newsletters, Who is Responsible?

    Quick question for the masses..... I send email newsletters of behalf of a client. They supply me the subscriber list, I build the newsletter and click send. I have questioned the validity of the list many times but have been told it's all above board. So if someone reported the emails as...
  6. mneylon

    User IP In Registration Email?

    Is there any way to get the user's IP added to the registration notification email? It would make culling spammers a lot easier! It's this email: To: Subject: [Site Name] New User Registration X-PHP-Originating-Script: 1027:class-phpmailer.php Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:36:57 +0000...
  7. mneylon

    Setting Up Wordpress Multisite To Use Multiple Domain Names?

    I'm currently tinkering with Wordpress multisite in order to be able to manage multiple sites from a common install. It's one of the features of Movable Type that I really miss .. From reading the documentation and poking around various articles and the wp-admin settings etc., I've found that...
  8. G

    Unity games site

    Hi, I built a new website for Unity games, because I really like those amazing 3D games. I bought excellent domain name, so it will be easy to do SEO work. The number of games is still low, but I will add more new games shortly. Also I intend to add features like registration...
  9. figment

    Wordpress posts loop help

    Hi guys, I am putting together a single page collecting together all the posts from a category: GAAQuotes - Sheepstealers GAA Clothing & T-Shirts If i move the page content code below the category content code it takes on the category ID and starts to display all the posts from the category...
  10. P

    Instant-Access URL

    HI.... Did anyone ever come across an issue where in a google search the search results displayed the instant access url of your website?? Eg: where it's normally it displays where in both cases they link directly to the page in...
  11. S

    w3c validation

    I got errors with w3c validation for html with javasript and it variables definitions are not good for w3c validation. These javascript codes are from ad snippets from ad company on my sites which I can't change. Please tell me how to fix the error. You can check for w3c...
  12. figment

    Newbie phpadmin / mysql issue

    Hi Guys, it is only day one of sitting down with php / mysql for dummies and i am having an issue with creating a table in phpmyadmin. I am getting Error: "Missing value in the form" but i am unsure where? Attached is a screenshot. Any pointers?
  13. T

    within webmasterforum - how add footer

    Hi, I'm new but think I can contribute some of my 8 years of e-comm experience ie I am not asking this simply to get a cheap back link. Also i have searched but cant find any post - so now the question - specifically on this forum how can you create a footer with ones details. thank you
  14. mneylon

    Keyword density checking?

    Can anyone recommend any tools / services for checking keyword density on a site?
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