1. P

    Google Certification

    Is it necessary to get Google analytics and Adword Certification to Become Digital marketing professional??
  2. P

    PPC Question

    Hey there, If i add a Pay per click advertisement to my site... i will get paid every time somebody clicks on it right? what if somebody clicks on it 300 times will i get paid 300 times from 1 person? i don't think that would happen, what if that person clicks on the same advert once per...
  3. R

    Online marketing

    What are the steps required to be followed to improve online marketing through SEO?
  4. EdenWeb

    SEO professional required

    Hi folks I wonder can anyone recommend an experienced white-hat SEO professional (preferably in Dublin) for on-going work. I'm not particularly interested in working with an agency, a web company that "does" SEO. Really looking for someone who is 100% focussed on SEO (Organic and PPC) and who...
  5. R

    AD campaigns?

    Are ppc ad campaigns a waist of money or are they a good resource?
  6. mneylon

    Experience With Twitter Advertising?

    Has anyone run campaigns on Twitter in Europe? If you did, did you get good ROI? They appear to have launched self-service options for the US market, but no sign of it over here yet ..
  7. O

    Can any one recommend an SEO company or a freelancer?

    Hello, I was wondering if any one could recommend a good (Irish based) SEO company as we have a number of clients looking for SEO services. We use to offer some SEO services but no longer have the time, plus SEO has now evolved to a service of its own. Ideally a freelancer that could come into...
  8. L

    SEMPO Study - SEM Roars ahead

    I was just amazed by the results posted by SEMPO on eConsultancy. Spend on PPC on search is going up dramatically - 19% is phenomenal growth, more than the industry size in 2004! SEMPO Study - SEM roars along, but marketers want more | Econsultancy
  9. M

    Dublin SEO Summit - Online Marketing Event

    Sep. 21st in the Morrison Hotel tickets are still available here: http://www.dublinseosummit.com Rand Fishkin will be present, probably the most prolific Speaker in the world in relation to Online Marketing. Could be worth a look folks ! 3pm - 7pm and a few beers in the Church After It
  10. S

    Inbound Marketing Ideas??

    I'm just starting work on a project promoting online lotto sites .... There's one Irish and a couple of international sites that allow users to play the lotto online, check results, etc. They aren't gambling sites (legally) and are aimed largely at Irish, British and European expats in America...
  11. mneylon

    Two Years of .co

    The guys in .co have put out a pretty slick infographic on their first two years: 2 Years of .CO: Happy Birthday to Our Inspired .COmmunity! | GO.CO | Articles and Tips on making your dream a reality
  12. P

    Mac Vs Windows Laptop

    Hi Guys The dilema hits. After 5 years of loyality from my dell vostro 1500 it looks like it's time for a change. Constant over heating and after many attempts to solve the issue I am thinking of a investment. I was in the apple store the other day in Dublin City and a Macbook pro caught my...
  13. J

    Offline Marketing - Delivering flyers

    Hi guys i run a small web design business have barely done much marketing other than SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and PPC. I have printed at over 1000 flyers which was pretty pricey and was thinking of attaching a cover letter outlining my services etc and posting at least 200-300 flyers...
  14. C

    Careerjet.ie affiliation (PPC) - Earn money with job ads

    Hi everyone, Here's some info about Careerjet's affiliation program (Pay Per Click). Careerjet is the job search engine with the widest presence worldwide: its database of jobs (sourced from several different job sites) is the most complete available in Ireland and on the internet in general...
  15. W

    Google Adwords campaign management, what is a reasonable price?

    Hi all, I'm working in an SME and we outsource our Adwords campaign management to a digital marketing company. We would like to keep using a company rather than a single person to do this for us as we don't want to be left stranded if this person decides to switch careers or leave the...
  16. S

    iStockphoto IE now live on Webgains

    Hi all, I'm pleased to launch a new program to the Webgains network – iStockphoto IE. About iStockphoto IE: iStockphoto is the web's original source for user-generated, royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash. Whether you're a designer, advertiser, entrepreneur or...
  17. S

    How to measure phone enquiries on your Website

    Hello. I am interested in tracking phone calls from my website that begin as organic searches. Same for PPC. In other-words, I want to know what keyword search ends queries convert to phone enquiries on my site that ends up in a phonecall to my office. I've come across companies in US and...
  18. trickobrien

    Where Do Irish Businesses Spend Their Online Advertising Budget

    Seems like its all Adwords,Facebook,Tradedoubler possibly CJ Isnt there a big enough market for an Irish affiliate website?
  19. L

    Welcoming the Google and Blacknight Get Irish Businesses Online (GIBO) Initiative

    I think that this will be really good for the Irish economy but especially for the Irish Web Design and Development community. The aim is to get some 40% of Irish businesses (25k) online in the next 12 months with their own website, adwords, domain and hosting...(well you've read the Press...
  20. T

    3rd Party SEO Companies Touting for Business

    Have you found many of your customers are being targeted by SEO Companies (residing outside Ireland - usually UK or India)? Its become such a guaranteed scenario within about a week of a new site going live, that we have to educate all our customers to expect it. Depending on the size of your...
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