1. O

    How to create a copy of a site for a different market / country

    Hi, We have a client located in Ireland that has recently opened a new branch in the UK in London. We have just redonne their site for the Irish market on an established domain and this is working fine but they would like a dedicated site for the UK on a domain name. The domain is the...
  2. K

    Seo strategy for Online shop

    Hi, looking for some advice about frist few steps in SEO for this kind of sites. I have my online shop from last 3 months , try to find something about SEO but as you it will take time to build some knowledge in this field. At the moment I adding site to directories , have a blog, and I am on...
  3. M

    Dublin SEO Summit - Online Marketing Event

    Sep. 21st in the Morrison Hotel tickets are still available here: Rand Fishkin will be present, probably the most prolific Speaker in the world in relation to Online Marketing. Could be worth a look folks ! 3pm - 7pm and a few beers in the Church After It
  4. G

    New Auction website!

    Hi, I would like some feedback on my new auction site please. It was set up for the Arts and Crafts community, but have decided to add extra categories. It is an Ebay style auction,but without the many fees that Ebay charge. It is free to add your auctions, the only charges are for "homepage...
  5. M

    new to this site.

    hello lads and lasses. im new to this site and i was wondering could anyone direct me to any site that sells wholesale shoes. im planning on selling shoes at a market stall on a small scale. thanks in advance
  6. E

    Mp3 music download business on company website: where to start?

    Hello, I would like to start MP3 downloads business on my personal website. My plan is to sell various MP3 and albums - depends on what user wants and advertise new trends. I need it for radio station which is showing whats playing at the moment and at the same time would like to give user...
  7. musicformedia

    How can I integrate amazon S3 into my website?

    Hi guys, I've setup an online music store selling audio for mobile apps and games. The storage needs are quite large obviously as its a digital product. Are there any useful guides on how to integrate amazon s3 into storage requirements for a normal html site? I've asked my web designer if...
  8. Cormac

    Feedback wanted - relaunch and rebranding of car hire site

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback on the recently relaunched and rebranded Nova Car Hire site. We have spent the last few months developing a brand new site and last Wednesday we finally put the site live! I have attached a screenshot of the previous design just to show the difference between...
  9. J

    PayPal Buy Now Buttons

    Hi there, Looking for some advice here... I have a website up and running since January (DryPro Ireland - waterproof cast, bandage and PICC line covers) and it was built using Wordpress with Buy Now buttons as it was deemed to be the simplest and most cost effective solution due to the small...
  10. overworked100

    Google says: Irish online pharmacies are BANNED from targeting the Irish market

    Hi guys, I'm a website manager for an Irish chain of pharmacies. I have just learned that Irish pharmacies are now BANNED from advertising online in Ireland on Google adwords. Has anybody any further information on this? This new policy applies to both Ireland and Poland. To be clear, the...
  11. dreamweaver

    internet marketing course

    Hi all I am loking for info on an online internet marketing course and wonder would someone reccomend one, I see the internet business mastery has one for 67 dollars a month but wondering if anyone has completed it or would reccomend a better one, many thanks
  12. D

    Customer wants to pay invoices online

    Hi I look after a website and the owner would like customers to be able to pay their bills online somehow. I havent seen anythnig that can do this - do you know if there is something available he is not selling just taking payment for invoices that customers would have recevied. Any help...
  13. Q

    VAT on overseas sales

    At present we are selling online to customers in Ireland only and charge VAT on every purchase. We now want to expand this to the UK and Europe, but I'm confused as to what to do regards to VAT. If someone from the UK was to phone up and order an item thats grand as you just ask them their VAT...
  14. ciarandebuitlear

    I'm new here - my business site... I.T. Pragmatix all feedback is welcome.
  15. O

    Site review please

    hi everyone, i've just launched OfftheCuff, a shopify store selling cufflinks, tiebars, etc., and would love some feedback and suggestions. it's a fairly straightforward site, but i'd love to hear some thoughts. thank you (and happy new year to everyone!) garret
  16. D need some feedback please

    Hi everyone, This is the first site of this size I have built and designed from scratch (normally I would use an out of the box script and design the layouts myself). I have been working it for a while now and I feel its time to start getting some feedback on design and usability from the gurus...
  17. W

    Google Adwords campaign management, what is a reasonable price?

    Hi all, I'm working in an SME and we outsource our Adwords campaign management to a digital marketing company. We would like to keep using a company rather than a single person to do this for us as we don't want to be left stranded if this person decides to switch careers or leave the...
  18. G

    Selling A domain

    Hi All I have a domain to sell and a potential buyer, I am in Ireland Buyer is in Australia . I have no experience in this so how should I proceed with the sale . Any suggestions ? .
  19. Zascar

    Advice on selling a website?

    Apart from putting a site on flippa, and in the for sales section here, what can I do to get the word out about a site I'm trying to sell? Any advice or ideas appreciated. Thanks
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