1. A

    Customer care on-line

    Hi, Not really for sale... However, I though it may be interesting to offer the option to have a customer care team available 24 by 7. The contact centre where I work we offer e-business customer support: e-mail, live chat, phone... We have created this whitepaper, give it a look and if you...
  2. P

    Digiweb hosting issues

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting. I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere. Error:Unknown MySQL server host '' (2) pat
  3. T

    No. 1 Irish .com Online Shop - interested in selling

    Hi Everyone, new to this, so excuse any errors I have a Google No. 1 ranked .com Irish based online shop which I am thinking of selling. Anyone know how to value it or anywhere there maybe buyers out there?
  4. T

    No 1 Ranked website for sale

    Hi Everyone, new to this, so excuse any errors I have a Google No. 1 ranked .com Irish based online shop which I am thinking of selling. Anyone know how to value it or anywhere there maybe buyers out there?
  5. J

    Dutch IT Sales Representative – Hardware and Software

    What is the job? Are you a Dutch IT sales rep with at least 2 year experience selling hardware or software solutions? The Dutch sales job we have on offer is mainly focused on farming existing accounts and work closely together with Dutch field sales, pre-sales and other departments in order to...
  6. F

    Selling a .ie and a .org together

    I have had an enquiry about two domains I have (a .ie and a .org). They both have the same name, it's a business that has the .com version that wants to buy them off me. I know you can't sell a .ie, you have to transfer the business name. I have the business name registered with the CRO so as I...
  7. N

    Our rights concerning a competitor that has stolen our content

    Hi, I think I know the answer to this from doing a bit of reading up on the subject but basically what are the rights of the original content creator in Ireland (ROI) regarding a competitor completely ripping off and stealing all our content? This guy has not only stolent all our content...
  8. B

    Website Review

    Hello all, Just wondering if anybody has any feedback for my new website Look forward to hearing from you!
  9. J

    Buying a .com domain

    Hi guys, Quick query - I want to buy a .com domain from an American company. They asked me to pay via paypal and they will e-mail me details. I never bought a domain in this way before and wondering if this is the norm? The company selling the domain I want have thousands of domains so i saaume...
  10. B

    PR2web site with 140$ income is for sale

    I am selling my football match preview blog for my education fees (includes domain, +800 unique content) . I have 140 $ income with site. the site age is just 6 month. it's pr 2 and its in 800.000s in alexa ranking. please pm me if you interest. I would like people to pm me offers. income is...
  11. 2dor

    Advertising on

    Hi there, I'm selling various types of advertising on, a website with gig listigs, reviews and photos from the concerts around Dublin. The offer includes exposure to the community on the Social Media channels (Twitter almost 600 followers, Facebook almost 900 fans). The vast...
  12. cmccarra

    Irish Twitter Account

    Well, I'm giving up a twitter account I manage that has over 4,500 organic Irish followers for €200. Straight swap, through paypal. Great way to get your businesses foot in the door of social media marketing, or if you're just looking to spread your influence. Only recently considered the idea...
  13. C

    I'm considering selling & both were registered back in 2007 and has been active as a deals style blog since then. - Bargain Alerts I'm open to offers.
  14. C

    Selling Domains

    Hello, Today I am selling the following 3 domains below. - - -...
  15. cmccarra

    Selling Merchandise?

    Hi, I'm looking into selling merchandise tshirts, hoodies that kind of thing through a twitter account I have (35.2K followers at present) and was wondering if anyone has past experience with this eg. where did you get them printed, how much it cost, selling, shipping. Is it better do get them...
  16. L

    A load of much!

    A load of muck - Irish dirt selling big in the US yesterday at 10:05 pm A small Dublin-based company is rolling in the dough thanks to their success in selling Irish dirt to the American market. By Declan Whooley Auld Sod Exporting Company began with the ambition of selling modest numbers to...
  17. S

    Best CPM ad network for Irish traffic?

    Guys, I didn't know where to post this because theres no CPM section….anyway…the thread title is fairly self-explanatory... Whats the best CPM network (outside google) for Irish traffic?
  18. B

    Sites for sale?

    Anyone selling any sites? Will consider anything that doesn't revolve around having to sell a physical product.
  19. T

    Multiple sites and how best to sell?

    Hi, I am looking at the best/logical way to do this., i work with a manufacturer and for one of their products we have a product brochure website that is in 14 different languages and domains, (e.g., etc...) Each site was professionally translated but never really...
  20. bejo

    Shopping Cart for courses

    Hi all, My first post so hello! I have one or two websites that I use to advertise or promote my own business. One is which gives information on courses in outdoors. These range in prices from 10 euros to a few hundred euros. I would like to offer a facility where people can book...
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