site review

  1. I

    Windows Please review my new site - need your opinion. Thank you for any critique and suggestions!
  2. S

    Site review and link juice question for jet website

    Hi guys looking for a review of ease of use for a customer I am working with. The layout should work well on all platforms however I am unsure if the site is being penalized with google for the name "Private Jet Charter" when the back links and link juice is "Private jet charter" also - any...
  3. mikeem - new event guide for Dublin Yeah, I know. Another event guide! Buuuut we think we got the mix right after looking at the alternatives out there. We felt that answering the question 'What's on this weekend in Dublin' is harder than it should be so we came up with What makes us different from...
  4. R

    Site Review On new website!!

    Hi all Just a quick review on my new start-up site any thoughts suggestions greatly appreciated. Richard Wilson Social Media Systems Analyst
  5. S

    Site Review Wanted:

    Site Review Wanted: I have just completed a new site and was hoping for some feedback I have two other projects in the works so hoping to avoid repeating any mistakes I may have made on this one. I know I have a bit more to do on optimising load time but hosting say they are under ddos...
  6. L

    Site review wanted please for Love Irish Crafts

    Hi, I've recently started a new company which sells Irish made gifts and crafts and would appreciate any feedback on my website. I bought a web builder package and did the work myself so it would be great to get other peoples feedback - the web address is Many...
  7. N

    Nintendo DS game site review | NDS GAMEZONE

    Please feel free to review my site at for ds game fans. Would appreciate.
  8. J

    Site Review:

    Hi, is a celebrities resources site including : - celebrities quotes : fame and celebrities quotes and quotations; - timelines : fans, contributors and editors sort out the data and extracts the most important events and facts from celebrities lives for you to read only...
  9. K

    Site review

    I'd like ask You to review page and overall theme review and critique for one of my sites, MySecret Lingerie Store I have change something and need opinion. No action in store since start , :heart-borken: Thanks
  10. Ciprian

    Site Review Wanted -

    I'd like a SEO based review and overall theme review and critique for one of my sites, Welcome to Charles McCarthy Estate Agents. Cheers!
  11. Darren Meehan

    Gaming site review

    Its on old site I worked on a few years ago when I was learning the art of web design. I pretty much abandoned it sadly, but it gets 200 -300 visitors a day without any work. I'm going to spend a few hours a week, as well as the odd day working on it in the hopes of building an extra income...
  12. M

    Site Review Wanted

    Hi all, First post here. Looking forward to learning more about web-based marketing etc etc. Anyhow I'd love a review of my site: Market Swings | Stock Market Training & Education by Marcel Springorum All views welcome. TIA
  13. A

    Site review please!

    Hey folks, Just discovered this site - lots of nice resources here! I am an unemployed developer & I have just completed my site: limerick web developer, it's mainly to help me get some work! I have submitted to dmoz & have started a modest link building campaign (read: submitting to free...
  14. R

    www, site review.

    Hi All, Recently we launched Rockfield Online, Health, Contraception, Fertility, Baby care & Beauty Products, Next Day Deliver Ireland, Electronic Cigaretts - Online Health Store. I would like a review with a view to improving the site usability and making it SEO friendly. Many thanks in...
  15. Dustin

    Site review please

    formerly known as,only re-upped 2 weeks ago here is my site celtic-torrents thank you
  16. O

    Site review please

    hi everyone, i've just launched OfftheCuff, a shopify store selling cufflinks, tiebars, etc., and would love some feedback and suggestions. it's a fairly straightforward site, but i'd love to hear some thoughts. thank you (and happy new year to everyone!) garret
  17. S

    Site review if your not too busy

    Hey guys me again - have a new site which is launched now but looking to highlight it in Jan after I fix and tweek it. Your comments would be much appreciated. Happy Christmas to you all B
  18. M

    New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries

    [Site Review Wanted] New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries Made a complete mess of this and ended up duplicating - could a mod please delete?
  19. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  20. B

    review weed seeds cannabis seeds ireland website

    hi ive opened a website called weed seeds
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