1. C

    Favourite sport

    What is your favourite sport? My favourite sport is football
  2. Q

    How much would it cost to build these sites

    Okay, I hope this is the right place to put this. I build these two websites using Joomla and themes from RocketTheme, one is for my soccer club and the other is for our family business. My question is, if I were to outsource the building of these to a professional web designer, how mush...
  3. B

    New Webite

    Hi all. I'm taking on a project to set up a website for my local soccer team and as i'm a bit of a newbie with regard to hosting etc. I'd like some advise. A mate has recently setup a similar type website and uses as his host. These seem to be a bit more expensive than other...
  4. grandad

    Improving traffic to a blog

    I have a blog running for the last five months - The Other Fellow. I haven't really advertised the existence of the site yet, and am currently starting a wee series on blog promotion. I am going to use the usual standards like adding the URL to my signature in forums, commenting on other sites...
  5. E

    BWIN | New Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, TradeDoubler Ireland launched our new BWIN affiliate programme yesterday. BWIN Ireland offers users the opportunity to participate in over 90 different sports daily including soccer, tennis, motor sport...even volleyball and speedway! Register NOW, and earn a flat EUR50.00 commission...
  6. D - New YouTube?

    Seems that someone liked my 'head's up' that I let it drop but not enough for so much as a 'cheers mate, thanks for that and hey I might just give a go also' :) Just kidding. I let the odd domain drop and if I think someone might be interested I will post in the Domain thread...
  7. M

    Irish Keyword Research

    Hey all, Working on a couple personal and client projects that require keyword research for adwords and typein traffic within Ireland. Currently im using Wordtracker and Keyword Research but can only specify traffic in uk or us!? How do you all find out traffic volumes for keywords in ireland...
  8. Cormac

    Cheapest Package for Setanta Sports

    Hi guys, I don't have much of a clue with it comes to cable tv and all that so I'm hoping for a bit of info on this one.. In the folks house they have basic TV (RTE/TV3/TG4). The folks want to get Setanta Sports Ireland in order to watch Rugby (WC, Celtic League, Heineken Cup) and Soccer...
  9. T

    Eircom League Feeds

    First post here lads and its a question. Does anyone know where I can get online content/feeds only relating to the Eircom League. Have searched for hours and drawn a blank. Need them for a new site project. Cheers
  10. davidbehan

    CMS for GAA Club

    Hi, Does anyone know of a CMS that has been customised/built to suit a club/society, e.g. a GAA Club? I'm not expecting a CMS that's built for a GAA club but if there is one out there that has been built for a soccer club or the likes, then that might be easy to change over to GAA. I did some...
  11. Cormac

    Soccer Jersey Affilation Program

    Here is an affiliate program which has potential - Affiliate Information : Football Shirts, Kit and Strip - - Official Soccer Merchandise -
  12. mneylon

    What do you do to relax?

    I tend to kick off my shoes and relax with a good DVD and maybe a nice beer or bottle of wine.
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