1. G

    Boost sales in your Magento Store!

    Advertising and Promoting on your Magento store. Increase you sales rapidly! Increase your Magento store sales using GoMage advertising and promotion extensions. GoMage Ads & Promo extension is a simple, flexible, yet powerful solution for advertising and promoting your products, prices and...
  2. P

    My new website has gone live last month but where am I?

    I have recently got my website developed and launched. The sitemap was submitted to google webmasters and my site appears to be indexed. However I do not appear on any page of even when I search for the page title of some of my products. What would be the best steps to take when...
  3. A

    sell items via a facebook page

    A friend of mine has set up a facebook page where they are advertising a calendar for charity. He asked me for advice as to how they could possible "sell" these calendars via facebook - looking for something like a buy now button on facebook and select quantity. Payment processing can be taken...
  4. I

    Website Review Request

    Hello Everyone, I have a Gaeilge teaching website at Irish Education Center - Home which is geared more for the Irish-American market. I was wondering if any of you have advice on how to market it for the native Irish population? sincerely, David
  5. L

    New Irish Online Retail Site - Love Irish Crafts

    Hi, I've just started a new business which sells Irish made gifts and crafts. All products are wholly made in Ireland from start to finish and I believe Irish craftmanship is the best in the world. My budget for website was very small so I bought an off shelf package (which by its nature is...
  6. Lemans

    How I Earn My First 1000$ Per Month

    I will be very short, First I build blog and do some SEO, I set-up mailing list, social profiles etc. after my blog gets 3000+ visits per day I create product for my niche (worth 24$). I bought domain name for my product and create great landing page. When I add new useful article on my blog I...
  7. L

    twitter and G+ icons

    Hi BK, I saw a post looking for mySQL help but there was no link to reshare on twitter or G+ - just a facebook like. It was good food for thought. Basically, almost nobody I went to school with and definitely none of my family or friends would be of any help - but most people I know on G+ or...
  8. J

    Website Review for

    Hello, Give us your feedback or suggestions on how to modify our website. Any tips for SEO promotion are welcomed. Web link: SoftBrowse Thank you, Julia
  9. A

    Help needed with backlinks

    Hi all, I'm a total newcomer to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have my online website up and running for over a year and I now understand how important it is to have the seo's and backlinks to my site. As my budget is limited I have opted to try and take on this task myself...
  10. B

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - http:///

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - New website launched for Alejandro Bel, Photographer Alejandro Bel It is about a photographer offering his services and showing some of his works and projects. A tried to create a website where it can seen the bios and...
  11. mneylon

    The Registration of Generic Key Word TLDs Should Be Available to All People

    Blacknight to ICANN - The Registration of Generic Key Word TLDs Should Be Available to All People September 26, 2012 – Carlow, Ireland – Irish registrar and hosting company Blacknight have sent an objection letter to ICANN concerning several new gTLD applications, which may seek to operate...
  12. A

    Seo help

    I know the value of seo. i wanna know what should i do to take a site on goole 1st page. how much submission and where is needed for it.
  13. M

    Directory submission

    Hi I've submitted a new website to search and browse directories and was wondering how long it generally takes to be added?
  14. mneylon

    Blacknight Invite Customers To Fly Their Irish Flags Proudly with .IE Domains

    August 30, 2012 – Carlow, Ireland – Blacknight are reaffirming their commitment to Irish domains with deep discounts on .IE registrations and transfers. The leading Irish domain registrar and hosting company are offering .IE domains for €5.99 with the purchase of a Blacknight hosting package...
  15. M

    Dublin SEO Summit - Online Marketing Event

    Sep. 21st in the Morrison Hotel tickets are still available here: Rand Fishkin will be present, probably the most prolific Speaker in the world in relation to Online Marketing. Could be worth a look folks ! 3pm - 7pm and a few beers in the Church After It
  16. L

    Person to take on the social media for an irish classifieds website

    Hi, We are looking for someone with experience in social media Work involved Facebook Twitter Linkedin Blog Person has to be based in Ireland and be familiar with the online classifieds market. Initially the hours will be few but further down the line we believe it will develop into a full time...
  17. S

    Diploma in Digital Marketing/Online Marketing and Social Media recommendations?

    Hey Folks, I was wondering has anyone any info on or completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing at Dublin Marketing Institute(DMI) or the Diploma in Online Marketing at the Fitzwilliam Institute? I am trying to choose between the 2 and any feedback would be greatly appreciated? Also, if...
  18. S

    Inbound Marketing Ideas??

    I'm just starting work on a project promoting online lotto sites .... There's one Irish and a couple of international sites that allow users to play the lotto online, check results, etc. They aren't gambling sites (legally) and are aimed largely at Irish, British and European expats in America...
  19. mneylon

    Good photo apps for iphone with social sharing?

    Which apps do people like on the iPhone for photos that have some element of social sharing (or that can be simply used with something that does ..) I've been playing with and Instagram. I like a lot more than instagram, but neither is particularly amazing, though they're both...
  20. mneylon

    Social Media etc

    I've turned the site's twitter feed back on - you can follow it at IrishWebmasterForum (iwfie) on Twitter It's also cross-posting to Facebook: Not sure if there's any demand for a Google+ page, but if anyone thinks there is please let me know Pinterest -...
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