1. P

    link exchange hard backlinks

    hello looking for traffic trades for 2 adult domains babe log over 10 years old tube over 5 years old all western traffic email alphamodelstars AT yahoo dot com thanks
  2. George_Click

    Going hard wih APK and PWA apps

    Greetz! I'm George of ClickaduADNetwork. Being new to this forum I want to start a small thread and we'll see, what discussion it can bring up. Recently we've had a number of advertisers willing to promote their PWA apps (esp, adult ones) in order to get themselves known and providebetter...
  3. W

    Best Dating Affiliate Network

    Smartlinks: Adult Dating,Mainstream Dating,Gay Dating, etc. Minimum Payment: 80$ Payment Frequency: Net-7 Payment Method: Wire,PayPal,Paxum,Webmoney,ePayments,Capitalist Link iMonetizeIt - An Innovative Traffic Monetization Platform
  4. S

    ⏩ [HOT!] ⚡ The Leading PBN & WP Autoblogging App❕ Increase Ranking & Traffic ✨

    +++ ARGO CONTENT THE INDUSTRY LEADING SEO WEBSITE AND AUTO BLOG GENERATOR! +++ "The tool loved by professional SEO's and internet marketers around the globe! Everyone knows this simple fact: the more sites you got, the more traffic you receive and the more traffic, the more sales you get. If...
  5. W

    Lots of traffic, but why?

    I bought an expired domain which had a few links, but am a a bit surprised at the level of traffic to pages that don't exist. I checked the domain beforehand but many of these pages did not show up as links. I also have an amazing amount of traffic to wp-login.php, xmlrpc.php and...
  6. I - Serp Tracker For Seo Professionals And Webmasters.

    SerpYou - SERP tracker is designed to monitor your keywords in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SerpYou allows you to track the exact position of your keywords every day and see how you are doing to optimize websites for search engines. Main Features: • Daily updates of...
  7. ebusinessmatters

    Free Digital Marketing with WordPress Training (worth €150)

    Hi everyone, I run a Digital Marketing with WordPress training course in association with a number of business colleges around Ireland. Participants in this online course gain practical experience implementing proven digital marketing strategies on a safe, practice website. As a participant...
  8. S

    Seo pro school Review & Bonus

    Seo Pro School – If you are seeking for information about SEO Pro School, Pros, Cons. You ought to stop here, read honest reviews & don’t miss 70% DISCOUNT !. This product will be released by Martin Huntbach on 2014-06-30, 11:00 EDT. Creator: Martin Huntbach Product: SEO Pro School...
  9. Amasty

    Google Rich Snippets for Magento

    Amasty is happy to announce that Google Rich Snippets Magento extension has bee released! It's here to help your products stand out in the SERPs. Use easily adjustable rich snippets for highlighting any site information you need. Significantly increase your visibility and draw highly targeted...
  10. T

    How profitable to sell ads on the site?

    I always have trouble finding advertisers to sell ads space on my site. Rather I can find advertisers, but it takes a very long time. Are there any ads networks, affiliate programs, or something else? That can simplify the task for webmasters? If anyone has specific advices, I'll be very...
  11. stradecke

    is there any tips for more money making on adsense

    Help please some days i make $10 dollars a day and others i only make $1 on adsense with same amount of clicks. is there any tips to make more every day...
  12. A

    Moving from hyphened url to non-hyphened url while maintaining traffic

    Any suggestions / best practice articles I should look at, before attempting to move from an existing hyphened url to non-hyphened url while maintaining traffic? I recently managed to acquire the non-hyphened url of our company name and I want to change the existing url to the new url. But the...
  13. figment

    Suggested method to rank a list of websites by size and traffic?

    This is not quite SEO but you guys are the closest match. I have a list of 3000 domains of possible sales and marketing targets. Are there any tools out there that can pull the size / popularity of each domain? I can see tools to do this for a single domain but none where you can upload a big...
  14. S

    Link juice issue when name of company is the anchor link

    Hi guys looking for some seo info. Working on a new site however I am unsure if the site is being penalized with google for the name "Private Jet Charter" (the name of the company) when the back links and link juice is "Private jet charter" also - any views I would love to hear from you as...
  15. K

    “work from home / business opportunity”

    Check out the new offer topic “work from home / business opportunity” It is a pay for action offer with action expressed by users’ sign-ups confirmation (opt-in). Absolutely any traffic from practically any countries is allowed: AE AT AU BE CA CH CZ DE FR IE IT KW NO NZ QA SA SE SG UK ZA...
  16. M

    Tradesmen/Fleeransers website for sale

    Hi I have getworkdone dot ie website for sale It was launched in 2012 but after 4 month since that date I stoped this project as my partner suddenly emigrated to US. I'm not tech guy myself I was only investing in this project. So GWD has no traffic or revenue. I could get 120 members during...
  17. T

    New POP UP/Under affiliate network poptraffic net.

    We have lunched a new affiliate POP UP/Under affiliate network. We are accepting new Advertisers and Publishers . Payments will be made in up to 72 hours after request. For publishers we are providing really good CPM rates and we are providing quality advertisers. Our advertisers can...
  18. G

    Magento Navigation

    The Layered Navigation plays a huge role in Magento store because it satisfies the customers’ needs. We suggest to consider how to create the navigation in Magento and also the advantages of the Magento Advanced Navigation use. Principals Every site engaged in trade or every site represents any...
  19. trimxqualit

    How can I get my web site high pagerank?

    I want to my web site high pagerank level. So I want to do my web site SEO, What can I do now?
  20. W

    Help! I'm getting porno traffic

    Hi. I haven't been here for a while and can't find any useful info on the web. Two of my WP sites are getting serious traffic from porno sites with lots of "links" from .ru domains and the like. I can never find the actual link and as far as I can tell my sites are not corrupt (I moved one to a...
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