1. eydecals


    Express Yourself Decals is a wall decal specialist that produces superior quality vinyl wall decals for home and business in Ireland. All decals are handmade to order and all artwork is original. Our wall decals are all available in a range of colours and sizes.
  2. D

    to spam or not to spam

    hi i'm trying to find forums in Ireland where i can set up a profile for a website , also link to it and if possible promote it (for free) to get backlinks, without being considered as a spammer !!! does such a place exist ? :upset:
  3. mneylon

    Tracking Rank Overtime?

    Can anyone recommend any tools that help track a site / page rank for specific keywords over time?
  4. mporgsoft

    Facebook RPG / Gaming Application Script

    WTS Facebook RPG / Gaming App Script Two diff't Demos to show 2 different themes of many that can be created: -apps.facebook.com/haulroad/ -apps.facebook.com/gamehunter/ You can customize the script to any theme you want. The admin area allows for easy adding/deleting/editing of...
  5. B

    Making money from Adsense without writing content

    Firstly Hi to everyone as im new here :D Im constantly reading about people who are making money (sometimes lots of money) by having adsense on their sites/blogs and constantly writing content to keep people coming back etc. For me the thoughts of constantly writing content for a website...
  6. F

    New charity seeking assistance

    Hi Everyone, We are an Irish charity trying to promote a global event in aid of a very worthy cause. We are attempting to create a technology assisted social network with all those lovely buzzwords (Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) inspired by the Obama election campaign. The event itself...
  7. Zascar

    Personal Blog Review - feedback please!

    Hey Guys, Let me know what you think of this and if you have any feedback i;d love to hear it. My Blog Cheers
  8. G

    recommend a good book on seo

    hi guys can anyone recommend a good book on seo for google thats up to date. thanks
  9. mneylon

    Magento API

    Not sure if this is "news" or not, but someone posted about it to a mailing list I'm on :) Magento - Magento Core API - Open Source eCommerce Evolved
  10. D

    IrishVids.com - New YouTube?

    Seems that someone liked my 'head's up' that I let it drop but not enough for so much as a 'cheers mate, thanks for that and hey I might just give domainsarefree.com a go also' :) Just kidding. I let the odd domain drop and if I think someone might be interested I will post in the Domain thread...
  11. squibs

    How long can you keep it up (nudge, nudge)?

    I'm just wondering how long people can maintain coding in an average day? I find if I have client calls, backups/maintenance, e-mail correspondence, and other stuff mixed in I can put down an average working day or longer with no problem. If all I'm doing is coding (html/css/php) I find I have...
  12. A

    Search Engine Optimization Book

    I am looking for a recommendation on a good search engine optimization book?
  13. mneylon

    What are you currently reading?

    Apart from work-related stuff.. I'm currently reading yet another Clive Cussler novel as well as Heat by Bill Buford
  14. P

    New Marketing Strategy

    Hello; First Of All Sorry About Our English Please read about our project and if you can, do not remove this project from your forum. We need to get support by you. We are 2 university students and we create a project which name is Planet Of Internet. Please read about our Project and if...
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