web development

  1. P

    JSP programmer needed

    Hi guys, Firstly let me apoligise for my lack of technical knowledge so please be kind :) The story is I had a web company design my e commerce site, which is running over 18 months now. We currently use realex as a payment option on our site. We now want to add a new payment option which links...
  2. Forbairt

    Number of acceptable posts / day ?

    What are peoples views on the number of acceptable posts on a personal blog ? or do people see their being one ? I'm just wondering if google would see it as spam or not if you were posting thoughts on this that and the other during the day ?
  3. L

    New English school site up - would like feedback!

    Hi there, I have just launched my first site. I had help from a PHP coder who was a little familiar with SEO friendly coding, so it should be an improvement from the previous site. Bear in mind that I do not know how to code in PHP. Besides the obvious that the images make the page load time...
  4. D

    First web site - Hosting advice *please*

    Ok I've just finished a 3 year degree in Software Development and I'm looking to create a few websites and host them to create a bit of a portfolio for myself to show potential employers. I use java to code the back end and jsp's for the view, I currently have databases in Oracle 10g XE, and...
  5. W

    what are the designing techniques to make website search engine friendly?

    Hi this is all about web designing.... If i want to start a new website, what are the things to consider so that it will make a search engine friendly? hope somebody here could share ideas... many thanks...
  6. gav240z

    CSS Frameworks - Can you recommend one?

    Hi Everyone, I could have swore I posted this today, but can't see it anywhere. So here goes again. I'm looking for a GOOD CSS framework. I've come across a few CSS Global Resets from Yahoo! and Eric Meyer but I find that they actually can slow you down more than help you out. There is also...
  7. gav240z

    Common Misspellings and SEO?

    Hi Everyone, As you may or may not know sometimes misspellings can be very lucrative and produce large amounts of traffic to a given website. However there is a caveat for anyone wishing to rank organically for these terms. 1.) Either place misspellings on / in your website. 2.) Use Pay Per...
  8. D

    Irish Payment Gateway Comparison ...

    Hi Guys, Here's a payment gateway comparison that you might be interested in ... TaraIT.com - Web Development Blog Cheers,
  9. B

    Booking engine software

    Hi folks, am new here so a big hello to all. I had a little idea of a booking engine website that books a niche type of hotel but I am unsure how to get this ball rolling. Is there any companies that make software for this type of thing or do I have to pay a web development company to...
  10. B

    Membership of Professional Organisations

    What professional organisations are you a member of or you would recommend that people join? Am thinking of the likes of IIA, ICS, PMI etc .
  11. M

    How to share internet marketing new companey?

    I have web development companey, and I want to make a new emarketing companey with enother person,who is especialist, how to share that emarketing companey between my web development companey and that emarketing specialist! He want to share 50/50,any other ideas???
  12. B

    Web site design for mobiles

    Been playing with both N95 and iPhone in recent days and noticing that some websites look well on both, others look quite awful. Should a site be designed specifically for mobiles? keeping it seperate from the main online site, or should it just be dealt with through CSS?
  13. davidbehan

    Blackhat SEO or what?

    Website Design Dublin Web Design & Development Dublin Online Shops Internet Marketing and they appear on page 2 for "web design dublin" tut tut
  14. I

    Domain for sale! web design

    Hi, I have a domain name for sale(InternetSolutionsIreland.com), its name is Web Design Ireland, Freelance Website Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Webdesign, Web development and Search Engine Optimization - InternetSolutionsIreland.com . Current PR is 2 but predicted is to be 3 in near...
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