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  1. 3

    links for reviews?

    I am interested in getting some links to one of my sites (betting/poker/gambling related forum) from blogs etc, perhaps in the form of a small blog review with a hyperlink or 2 thrown in. In return I can offer some links to your site of choice from my irish web directory (which I haven't...
  2. bearaman

    Irish Web Design Directory - Opinions Wanted!

    Hi All, I've been thinking of starting an online directory for web design in Ireland and wanted to get some views from you all first. What features or functionality would you like to see in such a directory? Would it make sense to have a category for each county? Any other tips or suggestions...
  3. bearaman

    Looking for good web directory software

    Hi There, I'm currently shopping around for some good web directory software and I'm looking for your advice and tips. Here's a rough list of my requiremnts. The most important ones are first: Very easy and flexible to customise - knowledge of HTML or basic PHP, ASP, is all that would be...
  4. mneylon

    SEO Friendly Irish Directories?

    Does anyone know of any Irish seo-friendly directories? ie. directories with redirect-free links
  5. mneylon

    Irish Directories

    If you know of any Irish directories please reply to this thread. Here's a couple to start with: General Irish Search and Directory Ireland Search Ireland and Irish sites - Browse.ie Ireland Directory - Business | Golden Pages | Travel | General Information Ireland - Irish Information Guide...
  6. F

    site feedback

    Hi, I am currently updating my site and i am looking for feedback - Your source for online computer training courses and professional development training. - its an online training system. Now i am going to make the nav better and the margins. what do you think. Also any ideas how i might go...
  7. G

    GimmeDat.ie - Irish Web Directory

    Hi, I am interested in finding Irish Websites that are looking to exchange links? If anyone is interested please visit the site at GimmeDat.ie, the very Best of Irish Websites! Ireland's top Web Directory & Online Portal I would also welcome any comments regarding the overall look, feel...
  8. davidbehan

    Web Design Community Project - webdesign.ie - anyone interested?

    Hello ladies and gents, I'm writing to you today about a project I've been playing in my head that kinda formulated from Michele's post on possible upgrades to IWF. Basically, a couple of years ago, I registered webdesign.ie while with another company. I've just talked to the owner about doing...
  9. Cormac

    What are the top free directories out there?

    I'm mainly interested in techy and entertainment based directories but fire away with what you know Here is one... Irish Ecommerce Directory - Online Shopping in Ireland /before Michele adds it!
  10. C

    List of Useful irish Directories

    I've just been submitting the new site to a few directories and thought this might be useful to anyone else doing the same: Find Ireland search engines with Search Engine Colossus It's a fairly good list of directories, all of whihc are free to submit to and don't rwquirea reciprocal link...
  11. G


    Seems to have come under new management, a webdev/SEM outfit.. Web Development Ireland, Web Design Ireland, SEO Ireland, Website Development Ireland, SEO Dublin
  12. D

    Clicapic.com - Please review new image based web directory

    Hey there, Please have a look at my new website Clicapic - The Online Advertising Marketplace and let me know what you think... Would particularly welcome comments/suggestions regarding it's potential usefulness and it's 'wow factor'... if such a thing exists. Want this site to be...
  13. mneylon

    Building A Web Directory.. Encouraging Submissions

    I've been mulling over Irish Ecommerce Directory - Online Shopping in Ireland quite a bit... My biggest issue is encouraging submissions from website owners and their marketing people. I overcame that problem on Irish Search and Directory Ireland quite some time ago and now have to find time...
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