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  1. caminowebmaster

    Free SEO Guide for Irish Business

    I have just uploaded a Free SEO Guide for Irish Business. It is here Free SEO Guide for Irish Business and it can be downloaded as a pdf. let me know what you think.
  2. H

    Hosting365 login question

    I've been asked by a friend to update her existing website (which hasn't been done in a while). She told me that she is using Hosting365 and gave me login/pass details. I've never used H365 myself and I can't figure out how to access the site (I usually just use FTP): the CP link on their...
  3. J

    Considerign Setting Up a new Hosting Company

    Hi Everybody, This is my first thread so please bear with me. I am giving consideration to setting up a small hosting company to host a number of sites. I am not interested in reseller hosting as i have had a number of bad experiences? I am considering leasing a dedicated server. Is...
  4. Intec

    Feedback on www.yourshop.ie and general idea please!

    Hey all, I've been working away for a while on a new service (times are tough and I need to diversify what my company is doing) and so I was hoping to get some feedback on the new site and the general idea behind the new business before we go for our "official" launch. The site is at...
  5. H

    Reg365/NamesCo - web20 server issues - anyone else?

    Hey all First time to post here, even though I find the forum extremely useful when trying to find out the status of reg365/namesco issues. The reason for my post is that I have about 15 sites on web20, and for the last 2 weeks ive been experiencing issues where all the sites go down every few...
  6. Fintan

    New H365 Packages

    Seems pretty sweet to me and seems to be well placed. I'm also very impressed with the new 100% uptime guarantee on their new cluster, which given how cheap the hosting is, makes it a very compelling option. Our Uptime Guarantee | Register365
  7. M

    Wordpress Encrypted Footer Links

    Normally I find it quite easy to remove footer links from wp themes however I have a theme which has the following lines in the functions.php file <?php eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_sbbgre(){$y=\'<n uers="uggc://jjj.fxvacerff.pbz/">Serr jbeqcerff gurzrf</n> ol <n...
  8. G

    Looking for irish hosting

    I need an Irish IP hosting for my new domain. Who do you recommend? I'm looking for a reliable (of course) never down hosting, cPan (shabang), good cs/tech support. The site is going to be low key/end. Who do you recommend? Do you have a discount coupon you can offer me? :D
  9. C

    Creating a Web Host?

    Does anyone know where I could find some good information on setting up a web host?
  10. J

    Good US based hosting - your recommendations please

    Hi All, As it says in the title - I'm looking for a good US based hosting provider. Anyone got a recommendation or two? (SEO tip - if you want a .com site to rank well in the US, host it in the US) Thanks, Daragh
  11. R

    register365_OFFICIAL twitter account

    Good evening everyone We've noticed that someone has decided to pretend that they're us on twitter.com, using the handle "register365". This most definitely isn't us, and the person doing this has nothing at all to do with register365.com/.ie or names.co.uk We have our own handle on there now...
  12. J

    help with 301 redirect issue

    Hi, I came across a link to website.grader.com and ran my site through it and it said "Permanent Redirect Not FoundSearch engines may think www . galw... and galw... are two different sites.You should set up a permanent redirect (technically called a "301 redirect") between these sites. Once...
  13. Apollo

    Hosting/Register365 - Are you going to leave?

    Hosting365 and Register365 have come under fire lately because of their problems, errors, excuses and general difficulties that are affecting customers, their clients and everyone else in between. My question is for you today- are you going to stay? There are many people on this board venting...
  14. L

    Register365 & back-ups

    Just an FYI ... R365 don't offer backups the same way anymore. Backups are available for 1 day only. So if you delete a file today, or the whole site, you won't be able to do a backup restore. Just a quick warning!
  15. Fintan

    register365 down again?

    Jaysus, they seem to be down again. *Insert joke about goes down easier than a 2 dollar hooker
  16. caminowebmaster

    UK Web Hosting

    I am looking for a good web host in the UK. I use webhosting.uk.com at present and they are crap - so I need to get moved. Things just don't work - and cust service - never mind service, just someone to fix the permission has taken all day. Would be great to hear of some good UK IP address...
  17. R

    NameCheap + Twitter domain names giveaway

    Just got this : Sound like a good thing so I hope is not considered spam posting it here. Regards, Raul.
  18. B

    Hey everyone!

  19. S

    Signature Links

    I have been trying to find out how many posts do you have to make before your signature links appear. Does Anyone know?
  20. S

    New to forums setup - need a little help!

    Hey all, I want to setup a forum for a martial arts club I'm involved with. I've absoutely no experience with forums - Which is the most novice friendly? Any good tutorials out there for setting up forums? Is there much involved with managing one? (the club is small so shouldn't be a lot of...
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