1. laurapaul83

    Website in Waste Disposal Niche For Sale (UK)

    Hello, people I am selling the domain for Rubbish Less - a website oriented in rubbish clearance niche. Below I will give some information about it. Site: Rubbish Less Years active: About 2 years Niche: Junk Disposal, Rubbish Removal Wordpress Built Traffic: 15/20 per day Revenue: None/ it...
  2. nikotinto

    How to increase the organic traffic to a website in a competitive niche?

    Hello, everyone, i am a beginner to SEO, but i am trying to optimize a website for a client of mine and currently i am trying different techniques like link-building, some long-tail keywords, originally written content, improved design and fast loading, images, information, etc. Other than that...
  3. T

    20 SEO Tips To Improve Your Website Ranking

    SPECIFY THE GEOGRAPHICAL PLACE OF THE DOMAIN: If, for example, the website is directed only to the United States, it is advisable to use ".us" to indicate to the searchers which geographical location is in question. TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE "AGE" OF THE DOMAIN: An old domain always offers a better...
  4. nikotinto

    Carpet Cleaning Website for Sale

    Hi, I have an established carpet cleaning website for sale. Note - I don't sell the business but just the website. If you are interested in buying the whole carpet cleaning business ( including the know how, cleaning equipment...) just contact me. I'm open for reasonable offers. Name: Eva...
  5. W

    Webmaster Project for Final Year Web Dev / Tech Student

    Hello, Over the past few years I have set up a a directory and information resource website. The adsense revenue just about covers hosting etc. (1000 unique users a week) There is no question that it could be developed in a variety of ways and that these figures could be grown...
  6. W

    SERP dropping in Google

    Recently my site is Dropping in Googles SERP. as no 2 now down to no 6 for the term " wedding video cork" My site is Wedding Video Cork Kerry Laois Offaly Tipperary Waterford Thanks in advance !!!!
  7. C

    Dofollow & Nofolow link

    Please everybody tell me, How can I identify Dofollow and Nofollow links before any posting (Blog commenting, Directory submission Social bookmarking, etc)
  8. D

    Own gambling website. Will income?

    Want to make my own online gambling sites, attracting players. How much is a good idea, whether income? What percentage is usually earns casino? I am looking for some good sites to be their partner, what can you advise? Where conditions are better??? Thanks in advance! Still poorly guided in...
  9. reverbstudios

    Web & Graphic Design Website for sale

    Thinking of selling, the main website for my 9 year old Web Design business along with my whole business including client database, recurring income, related domain list etc.. A well established domain registered first in 2005 and currently page rank 3. On the first page in...
  10. musicformedia

    Website load time of 17 seconds (!) but can't figure out why?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out why my website load time is really small. Anyone have any suggestions? I've enabled minify, setup Cloudflare, defered javscript to load at the footer etc. Still taking forever ​to load the website? Here it is on pingdom...
  11. J

    Best chat app?

    Hello, I wonder which chat application you guys recommend? I would like to implement chat gadget to my trading website for people to talk with us. I would also like to have option for a custom design. Thanks!
  12. W

    Lots of traffic, but why?

    I bought an expired domain which had a few links, but am a a bit surprised at the level of traffic to pages that don't exist. I checked the domain beforehand but many of these pages did not show up as links. I also have an amazing amount of traffic to wp-login.php, xmlrpc.php and...
  13. T

    JSN Metro - Free Joomla! Template for for JomSocial

    JSN Metro is the latest innovation in the Metro legacy. It will take users to new levels with awesome features and a whole range of experimental design elements. It is equipped with an extended style for JomSocial. It is suitable for any kind of website that needs to embody attractive modern...
  14. T

    Joomla restaurant template

    JSN Gruve, a professional template for restaurant websites, is well-crafted to make your website look eye-catching, clean and fresh. With beautiful extended style for Vik Restaurants, you can list down the dishes, the menu in attractive way, but also control the reservations online. See the...
  15. T

    JSN imageshow - Free Joomla! gallery extension

    JSN ImageShow is the gallery extension built for Joomla! Content Management System to display your images lively and truthfully. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size and filled with whatever content. With combined outstanding image transitions and stunning overlay visual effects...
  16. T


    JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. You can manipulate elements by using an intuitive GUI with drag-n-drop operations. With JSN PowerAdmin, managing your Joomla website can’t...
  17. T

    JSN UNIFROM - The Joomla Form solution for your website

    JSN UniForm was exclusively crafted to be the helpful Joomla Form solution for your website. Not only creating forms but also managing them becomes the effortlessly process for any user. Easy-to-use, free from extreme technical knowledge, but still so practical and sophisticated, tons of form...
  18. D

    Go Mobile

    Signing up is instant and easy! Gain immediate access to your new mobile control panel where you can load unlimited content to your mobile website. Add menus, locations, photo galleries, events, reviews, about us pages, links to OpenTable, Twitter, Facebook and much more! Your customers’ mobile...
  19. T

    JSN Nuru-the best joomla shop template with mijoshop extension

    JSN Nuru has everything you need for online shopping websites because it is specially equipped with an extended style for MijoShop. It has a neat, clean and straightforward design which visually captures the clients interest due to the large background, vibrant color variations and catchy...
  20. T

    Free download hi-quality joomla! template

    A stunning FREE Hi-Quality Joomla Template Collection is ready to transform your website into a masterpiece with the beautiful design. They are also crafted with the most outstanding features with meticulous code that helps you to easily customize the look :cool: - One-page Joomla! template...
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