1. Daedalus

    New User Introduction

    Hi all, Just thought I'd pop in here and introduce myself. I'm an engineer who develops web sites as a hobby, basically for myself and for friends. Computing in general is a big thing for me, having started developing websites on my Amiga around the end of the 90s. Still have a couple of...
  2. J

    Top Irish sites by inbound links?

    I've been playing with a links database for the Irish web going back a few years. Would a ranking of Irish websites by links from other Irish websites be of any use in SEO terms? The interesting aspect of the links database is in how highly asymmetrical the linking behaviour is for the majority...
  3. W

    Best places to advertise as a startup

    Hi Folks, I was wondering what sources you would recommend for the advertisement of a new tech start-up? Any particular start-up magazines or forums?
  4. P

    Digiweb hosting issues

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting. I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere. Error:Unknown MySQL server host '' (2) pat
  5. N

    Our rights concerning a competitor that has stolen our content

    Hi, I think I know the answer to this from doing a bit of reading up on the subject but basically what are the rights of the original content creator in Ireland (ROI) regarding a competitor completely ripping off and stealing all our content? This guy has not only stolent all our content...
  6. S

    Conflicting opinions about my website,

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate impartial opinions on my website: I know very little about computers in general so I have to depend on others to make decisions for me where my website is concerned. My site was given a makeover some months ago and I was told by the person...
  7. B

    High pagerank websites?

    Dear webmasters, At this moment I’m busy with linkbuilding for my websites. My question to you is if you know some websites with a high pagerank , where I can submit my sites to for free. Thank you Greetings, Bryan
  8. EdenWeb

    SSH on Blacknight VPS

    Hi guys Client has a VPS from Blacknight running Parallels Panel. Can't find any mention of version but I imagine it's very recent. I can't seem to enable SSH access to this. If I go to Login>Websites & Domains (Tab) > Web Hosting Access, I can see a setting called 'Access to server over SSH...
  9. maz007

    Business Website

    Hi, I have made some business websites for my client, I just wanted to ask whether they are good enough for the customers and can generate positive leads? Client ask me for that orange color, although I wasn't interested in that color but company logo is orange so I didn't have any choice...
  10. O

    Can any one recommend an SEO company or a freelancer?

    Hello, I was wondering if any one could recommend a good (Irish based) SEO company as we have a number of clients looking for SEO services. We use to offer some SEO services but no longer have the time, plus SEO has now evolved to a service of its own. Ideally a freelancer that could come into...
  11. W

    Educational portal

    Hello everyone! Could you please review our website: How to Create a Website - Free Lessons From Webmaster University - is a free educational resource for people and organizations who want to learn how to create and manage their own websites. Any suggestions about design or content...
  12. L

    What are the best Web Visitor Analysis tools out there?

    Google Analytics is rough, out-dated and rapidly becoming obsolete. I've heard of many better analytics tools out there but you have to invest a lot of time in them before you know if they're limiting you or helping you expand! I would love to hear ideas about better analytics tracking software...
  13. T

    Low Page authority and domain authority ranking #1

    Hi all, I'm working on improving the search results for a haulage company. The domain authority is higher than a lot of pages ranking above it, but there are a few issues with duplicate descriptions and titles so I am sorting them out. I am also identifying more good quality links for the site...
  14. A

    Cloud / Dedicated hosting - recommendations please

    Hi, I have a number of websites across different shared hosting companies. There are around 20 sites running lamp with modx and magento, a WordPress site and an iPhone and Android app. These aren't big sites - 156.2 mb - Database size, 810 mb - Database LOG size and 2,226 mb - Web folder...
  15. B

    1 backend main site feeding many front end e-commerce sites

    Hi all I have a conundrum, my client wants to be able to manage one website backend that contains all their products and pricing, and then they want to be able to feed this information into a number of front end websites that their customers can use to buy products. Each front end site has its...
  16. N

    Moving clients to new hosting

    Over the past number of weeks I've had real problems with my Cloud hosting constantly going down and getting the ears bashed off me by customers who can't get email or view there sites. I'm now considering setting clients up on there own individual Sheared hosting accounts as the server end of...
  17. mneylon

    Irish Directories In 2013?

    There's been a few discussion threads here about Irish web directories, but a lot of the ones mentioned have since died .. So to start off 2013 I thought it'd be nice to see what's out there .. Disclosure - I run a few :) Irish Search and Directory Ireland - Irish websites - Business Ireland...
  18. R

    re-building existing site

    Hi all, In the process of re-building an existing site that I've had for a decade. Just completed this section: Apple Powerbook 5300cs/100mHz Laptop | Working on the content first before moving onto the layout/ visual impact of the site. Is there anything anyone can see that...
  19. P

    My new website has gone live last month but where am I?

    I have recently got my website developed and launched. The sitemap was submitted to google webmasters and my site appears to be indexed. However I do not appear on any page of even when I search for the page title of some of my products. What would be the best steps to take when...
  20. B

    How can I establish if a 1,127ms average response time is any good for my server?

    I currently have a site tracked with and the test results show the site average response time is 1,127ms. I have no idea if this is good or bad. I did a bit of searching on blogs ping - How can I establish if a 566ms average response time is any good for my server? - Server Fault...
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