1. F

    Are You Special?

    Being a truly special writer is a true challenge, and one we're unlikely to meet if our attention is focused elsewhere. Back in 1995 people thought I was a NASA engineer because I could upload images to a web server. I kinda thought that too. :-) Obviously things have changed a lot since then...
  2. T

    Sharing of Articles and Copyright

    I have a forum and some of the posters post articles from other websites that are on-topic for the forum we run. The members who post them always posts a link to the article source and they sometimes either post the full article or sometimes a few paragraphs. What i ask is it legal to post...
  3. P

    Sometime amiss with PageRank Values?

    HI all, I use SeoBook Toolbar Firefox, SEO for Firefox and SEO for Chrome and they are all showing PR of Zero for all sites - even Facebook and Google themselves are a big 0. Any ideas on whats going on - or is my machine broken :) Many thanks Paul
  4. S

    Online Press Release site

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a good press release webstie. I've had a look at both Irish and Global ones. I am intersted in promoting Irish companies first and foremeost. A subscription (if is worth it!) is okay. Please, any advice would be great. Stoffa.
  5. mneylon

    Two Of The Best Minds in Tech Launch Podcast

    Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin have launched, a weekly podcast focusing on what they know best – the tech industry. The podcast, which has been in the works for some time is collaboration between Neylon who is the founding director of Irish registrar and hosting company...
  6. S

    Shortcuts for Photoshop

    Hi all, for those of you who are good with photshop and mult-screened find it easier to use shortcuts however this is not the case with newbies so here is a list of shortcuts to help you get started. This is most handy when designing your websites in photoshop first. + – Add Shape - –...
  7. I

    Hi Guys. Looking for a bit of help please I have a website Ishka Sports Camping Equipment, Massage Equipment, Swimming Equipment that does pretty well in however my keywords don't show up anywhere in,.my hosting company called powa is in the uk Any help or advise would...
  8. J

    Live Streaming on a website

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has implemented any live streaming of video on their websites. If so what piece of software would you recommend. Also did you experience any problems setting it up? Thanks JOL
  9. ShaneDevaneNET

    Free link checker, site analyzer and seo tool (beta) - looking for testers! please

    Hi everyone, excuse the spammy title! I've been working on a side project for the past few months, called Link-Check Link Checker | Website Spider and SEO Tool | Link-Check | ( It's a free tool that will crawl your website and convert it to a .xls excel...
  10. T

    Setting up a mail server with postfix, webmin and debian?

    Hi i am new enough to managing a vps server but i know some of the basics using SSH and webmin. I have a problem with my email being sent from my server ending up in the spam folder of gmail. I have two domains and both are registered with namecheap so i can use there DNS to host my domains...
  11. Y

    Training search engine & social QA network

    learnpipe v2 is re-launched recently. it a web based application that puts the fun back into choosing the right College / Degree / Evening Course / Casual Class / any other training option. We call it social Q&A for education.[/FONT] now, we are working with above 20,000 training companies &...
  12. P

    VM Server Vs Dedicated Server

    I have been looking to update our shared hosting package to a managed Dedicated Server, but some companies offer VM Server (not the same as a VPS). Looking at this comparison table Dedicated Server vs VM there seems that VM Server is a better option. I just wanted to know If any one has any...
  13. Z

    Cross-linking unrevelant sites

    Let's say, I have two unrevelant sites with 100s of indexed pages. I put one link (linking to the other one) to each of the two sites' main page. (So I'll have 100s of backlinks to each site.) Will the search engine ranking of both sites increase? What do you think?
  14. D

    Hosted ecommerce store solutions

    I want to publish a webstore for a limited company. As this is a new venture with very limited funding I essentially want to get it up and running asap. I've looked a wordpress ecommerce plugins and shopping carts but I want to avoid dealing with technical issues. Ideally I want to pay for a...
  15. D

    ie. zone transfer : How?

    I'm hoping to get a zone for ie. as in all the .ie domains. First I lookup the nameservers for the ie. tld. $ dig ns ie. ; <<>> DiG 9.6.0-APPLE-P2 <<>> ns ie. ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 31282 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER...
  16. R

    Move to new domain to cater for new products. Effect on search engine ranking.

    Hi, I am hoping you experts out there can offer me some advice on my situation. Its a bit long winded and contains a number of questions but hope its clear. Say I have the site (not my site just for illustration purposes) and it appears very high up in search results for terms...
  17. J

    Cached Page Is Same For Two Defferent Domains - Need Help

    Hi, I came across a site for example (original), after some months a site was launched for example with same business theme and content and design of Here is a replica of, when I tried to see the cahced page of both the sites in google 1.for -...
  18. B

    website re-design / mapping / 301'ing

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with mapping websites from old design to new design where urls have changed, In particular the affects of 301'ing or not 301'ing eg: to to I have been doing extensive research...
  19. Byron

    PayPal finally found a valid purpose?

    I know this has already been mentioned as far as the awful costs levied by Visa Debit, but it will probably make it easier to get into e-commerce in a way... ... you see, most small clients I have are put off e-comerce solutions by lack of support for Laser cards - without having to go through...
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