1. reacharound

    Impact of SEO by changing from .com -> .ie address

    Hi there, New to the site. I look after a website for my partner, it's for a fitness business in Dublin and the site was originally registered as a .com one about 8 years ago. Most of her customers find her via her website, so the SEO isn't too bad at the moment I guess. A friend of a friend...
  2. T

    Best Method Of Backing Up Wordpress

    Hi, Does anyone have views on the best/most reliable way to backup a Wordpress site i.e. plugin, filezilla, using a Softaculous script or other method? I'm with an Irish hosting company using 100 + 1click installs which is powered by Softaculous. I'd normally backup using this script but the...
  3. T

    Site Stuck

    I'm new here - I've had a look through many of the posts and to try find an answer to my question but I can't seem to find it. I set up a site about 4 months ago and designed it myself (you can probably tell!)- it was ranking really well with Google for some key words and now it's dropped like...
  4. A

    Cloud / Dedicated hosting - recommendations please

    Hi, I have a number of websites across different shared hosting companies. There are around 20 sites running lamp with modx and magento, a WordPress site and an iPhone and Android app. These aren't big sites - 156.2 mb - Database size, 810 mb - Database LOG size and 2,226 mb - Web folder...
  5. P

    Website for sale ????

    Afternoon all I launched Pedigreedogs.ie in January 2010 due to the lack of a reputable web site in Ireland where responsible breeders could advertise their litters or dogs for sale. Unfortunately the market here in Ireland is very small, and even though we had close to 130K actual visits...
  6. M

    How to noindex "no content pages" of wordpress that links to images?

    With wordpress, you can insert an image and choose one of three options : 1. link to the image. 2. link to a web page with the image (the web page is created by wordpress just to display the images alone) 3. none of the above (insert normal image with no link). For option #2, how do I noindex...
  7. bijutoha

    How to delete approved comments in wordpress ?

    My wordpress.com site contained thousands of spam comments. These comments were all approved, I decided to remove them . Could you tell me please how will i remove them ?
  8. mneylon

    Instagram / Wordpress Plugins?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Instagram -> Wordpress plugins?
  9. M

    Wordpress 3.5

    I just logged into my wordpress install and found a notice to the top that wordpress v3.5 is now available. Did anyone upgrade yet? How did the upgrade go? Just checking, but did it break any plug-ins for anyone that upgraded?
  10. P

    Simple Blog

    Hi, I have a static website which acts as a tourist guide. I am looking to add a very simple blog to the website. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a lightweight blog option (don't need the functionality etc. of wordpress). Ideally, it would be something I can embed in an existing page...
  11. D

    Hello Irish Webmaster Forum

    Hi Folks Found the Irish Webmaster Forum through a friend. Not sure how he found it - Google I think. Looking forward learning something new, making new contacts and hopefully helping out where I can also. Dave
  12. M

    Is there a wordpress add-on that inserts target="_blank" for external links?

    I use a wordpress plug-in that insert the rel nofollow attribute into external links for posts. Is there a similar well coded plug-in that automatically inserts target="_blank" instead, into all external links of a wordpress website? (I'm good with only posts, btw)
  13. P

    My new website has gone live last month but where am I?

    I have recently got my website developed and launched. The sitemap was submitted to google webmasters and my site appears to be indexed. However I do not appear on any page of google.ie even when I search for the page title of some of my products. What would be the best steps to take when...
  14. M

    What's the best related posts plugin for wordpress?

    I've used a couple of wp themes that included the feature built-in the theme package. I'm looking at using a theme without the additional feature (assuming it's not built-in wordpress's default feature-base) and was hoping to find the best free well-coded plugin available. What do you guys use...
  15. R

    linking an element by id URL

    Hello I recently got into learning about coding and I'm trying to develop a widget for a WordPress site. I'm so close it's ridiculous but can't seem to get the last bit right. If you look at the code below you will see it asks for your phone number user name password This generates a...
  16. bejo

    Shopping Cart for courses

    Hi all, My first post so hello! I have one or two websites that I use to advertise or promote my own business. One is natureschool.ie which gives information on courses in outdoors. These range in prices from 10 euros to a few hundred euros. I would like to offer a facility where people can book...
  17. P

    Duplicate Content Via WordPress Theme

    Hi Guys Recently I helped out a buddy with a WordPress website for his business. A theme was purchased and away we went. Everything seemed fine until the final stages. Basically the theme is designed to pull content from any page on the website to use for the homepage. Example below. So I...
  18. T

    is this duplicate Content

    Hi Folks, i have just installed a WordPress theme in www.mysite.com/blog and I have created a post in put it live, the content I got for the post was cut and pasted from a pdf that resides on the root, Q1, could this be considered duplicate content? Q2, I have a sister site that I would also...
  19. M

    How to remove /category/ from wordpress URL?

    When you create a category and use the built-in menu feature in wordpress to display category links, I want to know if it's possible to remove /category/ from the URL. Sure, you can use the link fine without /category/ in the URL... but the link (with category) still shows on the menu of the...
  20. B

    International Geotargeting with a dot.ie site. Can it be done?

    Hi There, Pardon my ignorance on this but truth be told I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to google webmaster tools and geo targetting. I got an online shop. Site about 3 years old and revamped to a wordpress site about 15 months ago. Doing pretty good all things considered from a google.ie...
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