1. Sandi Verdev

    How to promote my Wordpress plugin

    Hello everyone, few years ago I had some spare time on my hands and I have written Wordpress plugin Watermark RELOADED. Now I have taken things one step further and written successor called Watermark RELOADED Pro, witch has many more advanced features for watermarking images. I have tried to...
  2. mneylon

    Speeding Up Wordpress With Mod_headers and Mod_expires

    I've been experimenting with some tweaks to Apache / .htaccess to speed up some Wordpress powered sites, though the same techniques could be used with pretty much any site. If you use Pingdom's tools to analyse your site's speed you'll probably get a few warnings about caching, so, if your site...
  3. R

    Letshost Offline Again?

    Anyone else's sites on Letshost offline today? Looks like they're having some kind of network issue .. Anyone know anything? Their status page doesn't give much info
  4. S

    Inbound Marketing Ideas??

    I'm just starting work on a project promoting online lotto sites .... There's one Irish and a couple of international sites that allow users to play the lotto online, check results, etc. They aren't gambling sites (legally) and are aimed largely at Irish, British and European expats in America...
  5. mneylon

    RSS > Google+ ?

    Does anyone know of any services that support posting an RSS feed to Google+? Hootsuite supposedly does, but it doesn't actually work
  6. mneylon

    Weird Apache Errors When Uploading Images

    This one is really wrecking my head.. Some of the time - not all of the time - when I try to upload images via Wordpress I get an internal error. The logs show: Handler for (null) returned invalid result code 70007 It's not consistent - if I try again it can and does work .. just not all of...
  7. S

    Expanding a Nav Bar on page load using JS & CSS

    Hey guys, I want to have my nav bar extend and the text fade in (as in the animation) when the page loads. I am very new to JavaScript, and have pretty much no idea what I'm doing. Any help would be appreciated! GIF was too big to I had to link it...
  8. M

    How to improve google ranking

    Hi, What is the best way to improve on google ranking. Thanks, Mike
  9. P shared hosting or VPS

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has web hosting with I am planning on signing up with them, just haven't decided if I'll go for the shared hosting or the VPS Going to be starting a vBulletin forum Thanks
  10. K

    Guys... how do you explain this??

    Just something I just found out: The most sold Irish Whiskey is .... French?! Heineken would have been even worse but common... how do you explain that?? :culpability: :suspicion: :disturbed: :grief:
  11. G

    Plan for Success of Online Retail Store with Magento Shopping Cart

    If you are in the retail business, it is imperative for you to have a website. To make the most of your web presence, there are some basic things you need to do to make your website attract customers and generate traffic. Firstly, are you building a shopping cart? If yes, build a worthwhile...
  12. N

    Classified website

    My website, with the domain name is made by an Irish Web Agency in Dublin. Their company is called DD1Studio ( and in Sweden. The owners Agnieszka "Agnes" & Dario "Derek". They are Polish web developers and work in Sweden and Ireland. They claim...
  13. P

    IEDR application expiry dates

    I've just noticed that a recent application might not be going through, by someone else, and I was wondering when it say it will expire on July 15th, is that the end of that date, 1 minute after 15th ends or 1 minute after July 14th ends. I know I'm getting my hopes up on a domain, but still...
  14. brianbaru

    Indexing Backlinks

    Anyone have a favourite way of indexing their backlinks?. Personally, I like to create xml files, place them on a random blog and syndicate them to a couple of hundred aggregators. Any better ideas?
  15. 1

    Social media

    How adsens do work
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