1. J

    Social Book marking

    Hi all, I am new in this field, that's why i have so many queries related to SEO works. I want to know how does social book marking works and how does it gives me benefits?
  2. kflanagan28

    Canonical Tag

    Hey Anyone start using this. I have a client site that I am hoping to implement this on as there CMS creates tonnes of duplicate URLs. I have tried using robots.txt to overcome this but it's simply to big of a problem. Interested to get other peoples thoughts ...
  3. F

    shopping cart - strange guest

    Not sure if its a virus or if something is trawling my site but i have a guest on my site at the moment...been on for 6 hrs now and has nearly all my items in its cart or at least one of each item...has anyone experienced this?
  4. W

    SEO Plan Of Attack - Maybe a Forum Project

    I have a client with a good internet business based within the lingerie and fashion sector. They rank number one for the term "erotic lingerie" "male lingerie" and a few other generic lingerie phrases. However my client wishes to rank well for the keyword "Lingerie" What is the best plan of...
  5. T

    AdWords or Comparesion sites (kelkoo,

    Hi! I want to ask has anybody knows any reports or statistics what gain better coversion AdWors and Yahoo Serach or comparesion sites like kelkoo or
  6. M

    How to get traffic from Yahoo Group.

    I am keeping on posting in yahoo group regularly but i am not getting any visitor. I think i am doing anything wrong. Can you suggest me where i am doing wrong and also how can i improve in yahoo group marketing
  7. J

    Visualising numerical data

    What would be the best format (barchart, piechart, line, stacked, polar, scatter) for visualising numerical data? The data is the number of domain transfers between hosters over a year. Each hoster would have a list of its biggest predators (domains/hoster) by domain transfers and a list of its...
  8. J

    Google backlinks

    Why does web master tools show 422 links to my page, but only show 3 ?
  9. J

    domain names and local places for acupuncture practice

    I set up a website for my wife's acupuncture practice in Galway with the domain name 3 months ago, which was quickly indexed etc. and places well for a variety of keyword searches on google, yahoo, msn. My wife is now also in Athlone and I need to change the website to add...
  10. Fintan

    UK Directories

    Anybody care to share their list of UK Directories? (similar to Irish Directories sticky thread). :)
  11. kflanagan28

    Automating sitemaps for large CMS websites

    Hey, First post so go easy ... I am wondering has anyone attempted to resolve the issue caused by large CMS driven websites with regards to duplicate URLs pointing to the same content. I know there is no potential duplicate content penalty in this scenerio (as google recently posted on). But...
  12. mneylon

    Facebook Ads - Are they worth the effort?

    Has anyone had any success (or nightmares) with Facebook ads?
  13. C

    Are you the the greatest SEO in Ireland

    Damien Mulley Blog Archive Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest SEO of them all? So who's entering? :D
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