Any suggestion for stay at home mom?

Discussion in 'Work / Life Balance' started by happy09, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. happy09

    happy09 New Member

    Hi everyone!
    Any suggestion on how to earn money for the stay at home mom? Please suggest something I can do on computer and online to earn extra money for the house... I hate just sitting and wasting my free time...
  2. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    What kind of skills do you have?
  3. happy09

    happy09 New Member

    Thanks Blacknight for being the first to help :p

    How to explain? I have a number of blogs, good in reseaching and not bad in writing! I know the basic of seo...would love to learn more about online marketing....something I can do at home...

    Any suggestion is appreciated!
  4. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Is there a particular topic that you are interested in?
  5. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Good question from Blacknight - you're going to need to have a particular skill, knowledge or something that people need...

    You could also try to "intern" with someone, like affiliate marketing or online sales of some sort, esp. if they're short on time.
  6. garycocs

    garycocs New Member

    Ya I reckon you kinda know yourself you're on the right track with the Seo.

    The trick I think is picking the right niche, developing a site and giving yourself the goal of writing a piece a day on that subject (or subjects) do a bit of research on google trends and keywords to see what people are interested in and then develop a site or sites towards those trends.

    My problem these days is getting the time to write anything (the ability to write properly would probably help too :D)
  7. Dotwebs

    Dotwebs New Member

    Someone posted this URL on Twitter this morning: Online Community Manager (Very Part Time) | MetaFilter Jobs

    I know it specifies UK resident but you could always give it a try. In any case, it might give you an idea of the kind of services you could offer from a home base that wouldn't require much experience apart from being able to write and engage with people on social networking sites.
  8. Web Templates

    Web Templates New Member

    There are a lot of different things you could do. How are your grammar skills - could you copy edit or proof read? Do you have graphic abilities to do graphic design?
  9. lukeat

    lukeat New Member

    If it is simply a case of wanting to spend time learning something with this valuable spare time, then look into some materials on the seo conferences that go on, there's alot of good material posted from these events, in the form of videos of presentations and talks. From this you will often find the parts they discuss that interest you, then you will be able to find a direction to start moving in terms of learning.
  10. lukeat

    lukeat New Member

    actually i should take the oportunity to pimp for the peeps who organised the IWTC (irish web technology conference) from early in 2008. Barry in irishdev had alot to do with the organisation, I'd post a link but i've not made 10 posts yet, Just google it.
    They have a ton of recordings of the talks which is sooo useful, and there were some really good web marketing and seo type topics covered. give it a try.
  11. cmba138G

    cmba138G New Member

    hi there! There are many online jobs now but they are based on your skills and knowledge. I prefer to be staying at home and earning. There are forum postings, ad postings, data entry, theme submission, seo, etc. In seo, you just have to learn codings. I hope you will find an online work so that you can start earning too.
  12. Gossip Junkie

    Gossip Junkie New Member

    I have friend who's also a s.a.h.m. She's making a decent money from blogging.

    There is a lot of paid blogging site out there, try to apply to them. all you need to do is make a blog, develop it and when its already 90 days, apply to legit paid blogging sites like payu2blog and reviewme.

    I hope it helps.
  13. nanotriffid

    nanotriffid New Member

    Hi Happy 09,

    I've been looking into similiar things myself as my husband and I want to start a family next year (hold thumbs).

    I found a lot of dodgy looking work-from-home websites out there and only one real legitimate website popped out that I would most likely use to source freelance projects myself one day: More capable, accountable and affordable. Guaranteed.

    It is an internationally based bidding forum for outsourced work. There are plenty of different types of jobs/projects available. They sold me on their payment guarantees. Basically if you can prove you provided the work and the posting company does not live up to their end of the bargain you can use their vworker resolution services free.

    Hope you come right though :p
  14. Eamon Lynch

    Eamon Lynch New Member

    Most small companies Dont use SEO so there is an opening there
  15. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor New Member

    You should look at gumtree, good jobs there

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