Anyone making money using Tradedoubler?

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I have been using tradedoubler for advertising on my website for about 8 months now and have not made any money. I have getting average 8 clicks per day but no sales. I have tried Admatch, Adpools, Product feeds and usual banners but to no avail. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Is there anyway to drive these sales?Anyone have any success using blogs and deep linking?

My website is a classifieds website and not really meant as an online shop although I have tried that too as part of the website with an online shopping page.

Greatful for any advice I can get from someone that is having success with Tradedoubler.


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Are you using any of the other affiliate networks?

What kind of traffic are you getting?


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Tried affiliates4u, amazon uk and paddypower but didn't have much luck. Can you recommend any in particular?

Traffic is still fairly minute 100-200 per day mostly through adwords.


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Hi there,

I will need to review your activity. Email Publisher Support and I'll take a closer look. If you've got 100/200 UV's it might be low. I can advise you on this.

Best regards,

Eoin Clarke
Head of Sales
TradeDoubler Ireland


With well chosen advertisers, you can make money with TradeDoubler. But you need the traffic.

What's your site?
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