Anyone tried out XenForo

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This forum is flooded with many vBulletin related threads, so I've started this thread about XenForo.

XenForo is forum software. ( licenses cost $140 US )

Anyone tried it out yet? What do you think about it?


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i joined the Terraria unofficial forums which run it. Thought it was rather shiny and seemed the business. Still playing with it, but haven't tried it from the site owner side. Very interested in it because of the talk of bridging it and wordpress.


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I looked into it a couple of months back. From what I recall the developers used to work on Vbulletin at one point ...
It looks very nice, but I'm yet to come across a site that I'd frequent that uses it

If anyone has any examples of sites using it I'd love to have a poke around :)
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