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Hi people.

I'm new to the whole web publishing thing, have been taking care of one site for about 6 months so far.
I'm using adsense on this site, and it's fine. Low maintenance, etc.

I'm currently working on a website aimed at junior cert schoolkids - so maybe 12 to 15 years old.
Problem is, it's in irish. So, no adsense on that site. Its against the rules!

Does anyone else have a suggestion for monetising? I'm guessing ads served up automatically for the content won't work. So, I would have to pick them myself?

Any recommendations for ads or affiliate programs that would have ads geared to the younger audience? People that dont have their own credit cards, and are unlikely to buy cameras, or hotel rooms, or insurance, etc.

Thanks a mil.



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Maybe banner space ? ie. sell space to the sites that are targetting that demographic?


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I agree with will have difficulty with server up advert automatically so banner space seems like the best option. Your target audience is junior cert kids in age group 12 - 15. If you could make a list of business who also target this audience and branding with fit with your site. You could then approach them and see if they are interested. Obviously if you could provide details of the traffic you are getting it would be a big help. If you could get a number of these on board them you could rotate the banners.


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Sorry I just noticed your point that your target audience would not have their own credit card and are unlikely to make online purchases. I had not considered that. Its an interested problem.

Does anyone know what type of adverts Bebo run on their sites? I think some Bebo users would be in a similar age group to your so it might be worth investigating what type of adverts they run.


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My speciality. Keep in mind these methods will probably go down like a ton of bricks with the informed web user / marketing / business person. But you are not selling to these people.

Basically advertising on social networking sites depends on forcing a brand on people rather than clicks to sell. The exception being sites like "Push The Red Button" type ad's which play on naiveity, and impulsiveness.

I would say you could approach companies (soft drink manufacturers, confectionaries, etc). Tell them what you are doing, tell them you are an expert, without promising actual results, and say you need upfront captial to include, say 100,000 page views. As I said teenagers wont be buying online anyway, soft drinks generally aren't purchased online. It is really just about forcing an idea onto a teenagers mind, hence when thye advertiser has a competition, they deliver young consumers onto their website to complete a survey for a prize etc, not to sell them their product directly.

On another point altogether, think about how you are going to get people onto your website, teenagers are unlikely to type in Irish in Google to get onto your website, trust me I have a friend who speaks Irish to me regularily, then has to rethink. When I've seen him searching things like "jobs in the Gaelteacht, connemara", he isn't typing "obair isteach san Gaelteacht, i gConnemara" (btw sorry, I'm not the most literate!

If you need a hand getting people from social networking sites onto your site, contact me. I work with a guy who advises Bebo directly.

Either way good luck, think brand, not sales, and never ever make promises, only estimates



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Hi ocoileac,

Good question. Without knowing the content of the site, it's hard for me to think of ideas to help you! My own shortcoming I suppose.

Given the target group, as others have suggested, you are looking at banner-type advertising. There are many big brands who want to continue brand-awareness with young people regardless of their lack of purchasing power, because they will be able to purchase through someone else and in a few years when they start working. If you've got traffic, you've got a business. Targeting this group and actually getting visited by them are two different things. If you've got the traffic, then that is more than most.

I'd advise meeting some companies who represent brands and see if they're interested.


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I know specialise in this area (selling to young audiences), and work with contracts such as Bud Rising, Dubarry, etc. They also do a bit of mobile phone advertising.

(I am not trying to steal anyone elses biz by posting that link btw, it's not my company, I just know they do good work in terms of alternative selling), they also listened to some of my wacky ideas without laughing.

First Off:
Look at your probably market segments:
Teachers, 12-15 year olds, Those somewhat interested in their education.

Guess total possible market:
xxx number of Irish teachers, xxx number of JC students sitting Irish.

Features you are going to include:
forum, pay-per-view tutorial videos, quizes, tests, etc.

Amount of capital you have:
How much more than that do you need for the site.

Skills you bring to the project:
web development
knowledge of Irish
sales experience,
skills and qualifications, etc.

Market research:
Get on the street, or pay teenagers you trust, like your children, etc who will honestly get people to fill out your surveys in exchange for a few bob. This research will be key to development and asking people for advertising. If they see 80% of people said they would use the website, it will be far stronger than saying 100% of people might. Don't just target one place, e.g. if you stand outside an Irish school you are lying to yourself, which won't help.

Develop a visual concept
Draw up your design, logo, etc, ask people what they think. Report on this information

... Then
Once you have all of these together, put them in a business plan and stick to it. You are selling yourself in the early stages. The concept can probably be developed by anyone.

Most of the above is really just common sense, but it will convience potential investors (which advertisers are before you have large visitor numbers).


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Wow, the amount of replies! Thanks a mil!

It's only an idea, I've been back and forth on it for the past few months. Originally it was going to be a subscription site, some free content, and pay for the rest, but I'm not sure that would be such a hit "with the downturn in the economy..." etc. That's why I'm looking at advertising.

I'll have a go at putting a site together, and see how the traffic looks, I don't have the capital to ask someone to develop for me, and it would probably be easier to approach advertisers with some concrete figures. If it looks like it may be profitable, I could look at getting a professional to re-do it at a later stage.

As it is, I'm a college student, training to be a teacher, so I can do most of the work myself, and get something going.

Thanks again for all your suggestions!

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