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Whether you are a merchant with products supplied from different countries or a person who owns a marketplace website, this solution will prove helpful to you. It allows each of your products to have and remain its original currency price which will be subsequently used for exchange rate calculations.As you know each website can have its own single base currency, the currency against which all other allowed currencies will be configured, based on the ratios established in the Manage Currency page. Our Product Base Currency extension can help to successfully overcome such limitations that will allow you to manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Set and change base currency per product for prices, special prices, tier prices, customer group prices, and catalog price rules
  • Recalculation of price, special price, tier price, and customer group price according to newly selected product base currency depending on currency rates
  • Automated prices (prices, special prices, tier prices, customer group prices) scope
  • Automatic change of base currency scope
  • Automatic re-indexing after saving currency rates
  • Command line scripts for importing / exporting base currencies, prices, special prices, tier prices, and customer group prices
  • Ability to mass change the base currency for a group of products according to their ID range/ type/ attribute set name / price range / quantity range / visibility / status / website
Product Base Currency Magento Extension | InnoExts - Magento extension developer
Not open for further replies.
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