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Avoid black hat methods, unless you want to get permanently banned from the search engines


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In reality the terms black hat, grey hat etc etc get thrown about a lot. If you were to take Google's stance then most SEO strategies involve some type of black hat method as google deems anything done to manipulate the serp's as against the rules.
I think the line is blurry between black hat and aggressive white hat. I have watched a lot of Howie S videos and even bought one of his courses (not that impressed). He would claim to be the most aggressive marketer that is publically teaching black hat stuff. But it's not that black hat. It's really doing things on a large scale. So where as you may build one squidoo lense for an affiliate promotion, he would build 500 ... as he is a master of outsourcing ..

As I say, i feel the lines are pretty blurred ..


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ehmmmm...was checking my web stats and stumbled on this thread. Glad to knw that, there are still people around who read the content carefully, guy I know it is crap to have a website with crap content, and poor design (I wouldnt call it POOR, very strong word to use) . I developed my orginal website years ago..when I was learing website design and never got a chance to update it - you knw yourself, was busy developing business and building websites for my clients.

Really appreciate your comments, but with all due respect my old website didnt have blackhart SEO. It was simple keyword rich content controlled with CSS combination of <H1><H2><H3> tags to get ranking and to my surprise it worked. My website was ranked 1, 2, 5, 7 on google keywords "website design kildare", "computer repairs maynooth".

I may have lost that ranking now becuase recently launched brand new website, please have a look and post your comments. For those who do not remember the web address please go to the start of this thread.


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found this site while trawling through google. Lots of white font hidden down the bottom. Black hat or just poor design considering the big dirty orange headings??
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Hi everyone,

Black Hat SEO covers many different aspects of website structure and methods of online promotion. It has its place for some industries which have a limited marketable time frame but each person needs to consider the consequences of using such techniques. It's not illegal but your website can be blacklisted by search engines.

A simple example of what is considered black hat would be to include many similar keywords on your home page and make them the same color as the background so they can't be seen by humans but can be by search engine spiders. This method is old now and is very easily picked up by Google and other search engines.

Basically Black hat SEO is anything against the terms of service of the different search engines, Google being the main one.

The best place to get a true indication of black hat techniques visit as they are the world leaders in black hat techniques.

Hope this helped.



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I've checked that particular site, I don't really that site owner is using black hat seo techniques to manipulate search results.
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