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would anyone realy have a client that could understand & get into blog marketing?

I wouldn't have anyone that clued up. I wouldn't even be on the ball myself.

They say it's gonna be big, and those that get in now will reap the reward.

Anyone got any comments, or any decent links to read up on this?


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Where would you like to start? :)


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well, to save you re-inventing the wheel, how about links to some background reading first, if you know anything.

Exactly how can a blog be used as a marketing tool. I thought at first it was about getting people to write reguarly about their company - so just increasing the amount of their content on the web & therefore their overall exposure in the search engines.

I suspect there is some other concept there too, or maybe I just don't know anything about it.

Depending on what other people think it's all about - I would have different comments myself. Need to find out what all the hullabaloo is about first.

edit - think this might be in the wrong section of your forum

Thomas Holmes

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hi folks!

just came across this forum - been looking around for an Irish Webmaster type forum.

anyway i saw this post - i'm particularly interested in blog marketing and seo in general. problogger as mentioned above has some excellent stuff - darren, the author, has just written a great series, blogging for beginners which covers everything on blogging from basics.

another great site, even more focussed on the professional side of blogging (monetizing through advertising, affiliate marketing etc.) is performancing.

there's a great article on increasing your blog traffic. and the absolute best resource for marketing your blog.

Hope that helps!

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