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I'm new to wordpress & I'm trying to place a 'blog' in my main nav bar ie: as a page!

Am I right in saying > category posts are my blog?

If so, how can I combine all posts so they appear as one blog in my nav bar? Do I need to install a blogroll / widget or somtn...

Thanks in advance.


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What do you mean?

Sorry, but I'm having issues understanding what you are trying to do exactly


Here is the traditional way of doing this.

  1. Create a Category for your Blog posts - call it Blog if you wish. In the Dashboard select Posts -> Categories -> Add New Category
  2. When you write future posts you then assign this category to your posts.
  3. Then you can choose to have a static page as your front page and select which pages your posts go to by going to Dashboard Settings -> Reading. Here you select which page is the new WP front page and which page you want Posts to go into when you write them.
  4. Create a blank page with the Posts page and future posts will then go into this page
  5. Create a new page with your new CMS front page and add your static content

If you then want a menu item on your page to have this Blog link then you do the following

First you need to create this menu

  • Appearance -> Menus
  • Click in Menu Name
  • Name the Menu
  • On the Left side of the Menu Dashboard you Will see Categories
  • Drag The Blog Categroy to the Menu
  • Save the Menu
  • In the Primary Menu Select from the dropdown list the new menu that has the Blog category in it
  • Click Save

If you want to add to the menu you can add additional Pages to the menu from this menu option above.

Hope this makes sense.



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Cheers Thanks,

@Kieran I'll kinda get what you mean, I've almost suused it now (for example my home page glenquinn site is exactly how I want the blog to appear) *but as a page 'blog' I plan to have a staitc homepage :) I'll look into it later today, thanks.
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