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Just wondering if you are sending out a bulk sms message should the receiver have the option to unsubscribe......any of the websites i have looked at dont seem to offer an unsubscribe option.
Can anyone recommend a good company to use? Hqsms.com seem to be the cheapest that i have found...anyone used them before?



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i think BULK SMS.com - The #1 Internet SMS Gateway are cheap , they allow you to send text without having to add the "opt out" option, please remember most companies out their they will sell you 160 character/text ,if you include the optout text it will b deducted from the 160 you bought , in this case you might find yourself using 2 credits (320 characters) per text . you are obliged by law to include the opt out if you are using these services for commercial purposes, unless your sending personal texts to friends & relatives... then you don't have to include the opt out option. good luck
Hello there, I am representing CS Networks, bulk SMS service provider. It is possible, when sender is sending SMS he should write on the end of SMS something like STOP and then phone number i.e. 1234 where receiver can reply. Receiver send SMS on that number and then will stop to receive SMS. For all other our service you can go on our web site www.cs-networks.net.

The best thing to do with your bulk SMS marketing campaign is to test a variety of things out and see which work best. Even when you have an established campaign, there's always room for improvement and new ways to boost customer engagement. Just remember to get your aim out clearly and concisely and to offer something your customers will want. Great source!
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