Bulk updating one field in each row of html on multiple webpages

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I'd appreciate it if someone could let me know if the following is possible (without using php)

I have a website that has a few hundred pages. Each page is basically just a html table (4 columns but there could be up to 100 rows). i need to update one field in each row, in each page. Is there any way to automate this or do i need to manually update each row/table/page then upload it again.

The data I need to change is just text. I get a spreadsheet every so often which basically contains the whole web site.



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The simplest way of doing it is server-side, but you'd need to either use PHP (or Perl) or some other type of server-side language


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If you dont want to use a scripting language, then maybe you could download all the pages to your local machine, then do a global find and replace with a text editor such as edit editplus or something, then re-upload.


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The best way to do this is server side like blacknight mentions above. You could get the guy to format the files into CSV or you could scrape the file and explode each line into a list(json, serialized array) and post them to your database, or simply upload them to your server and read them line by line.
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