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Trappers Son

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Hey Folks,

My name is Simon and I am the affiliate programme for a relatively new Bingo site Play Online Bingo | Casino Games.

We primarily advertise in the UK and are looking to increase the exposure in Ireland. It could be a great opportunity for those with gaming traffic or those with a female 25-45 demographic. There is a variety of commission structures available including Rev Share, CPA, and Hy-Brid.

I can go into more detail on conversion rates etc personally.

More info can be seen at Affiliates or mail me



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Irish Co-registration path for Butler's Bingo

Hi Simon,
Laurence here from Lifestyles Online Ireland. We operate the only co-reg platform in the Irish market and would welcome a chat to discuss how we could deliver new customers for Butler's Bingo.
I have actually sent you an email earlier this week with further details, though not sure if you have received it or had a chance to review yet.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.
Kind regards
056 7790295
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