Can you buy domain names with keywords and then redirect to you site?

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Anyway, I'm rated 4 in google PR - we've been online since April 06. However I NEVER EVER come up in the listing...I changed my keywords recently so am hoping that might help our listing position.

sorry for all the questions but I'm just starting out and trying to understand all this new language and lingo and I'm completely IT illiterate

advice please??pretty please?:D:D:rolleyes:


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Hi Nicola
Buying extra domains simply to redirect them to your site would certainly be frowned upon by Google. To what extent I can't say but I recall reading that if you do redirect under 5 seconds then Google will flag it as non legit.

You're far better off putting your time and efforts into more legit SEO efforts.
A good rule of thumb for this stuff is - If it seems really clever and a good quick fix to 'fool' google then you can bet its been tried before and is not advised.

In addition to this and in relation to Adwords. Google just last week made significant changes to it's ranking algorithim for estimating Cost Per Clicks. This resulted in many people experiencing hugely different CPCs in their campaigns the following week (as much as $5 in some cases). Googles update of their ranking system was strongly due to domain and landing page issues. I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say activities like bulking up domains and redirecting etc can come back to haunt you and permanently disadvantage you.

Best of luck with it though - nice PR for such a young site.



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Thanks for that Peter. I thought that might be the case alright. Just frustrated as we're not showing up at all in the listings - I guess it just takes time??

Thanks for your response.



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No probs. What are your primary and secondary keywords by the way? IE What are you trying to appear for on the natural listings?


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ok now I feel silly. What are primary and secondary keywords?

I have cloth nappies ireland including tots bots swaddlebees etc. listing the brands we sell and then go on to include words like environment natural parenting etc...

Is this what you meant?

Is 4 a good page rank for only 4 months? I wasn't sure.



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It's just a way of saying "What keywords would you like to be found on Google for". Or, what are the words and phrases you think your customers are typing into Google to find companies like yours.
It's normal practice to have a series of Primary keywords and Secondary keywords and to tweak your site content to contain those words.

Oversimplifying it there a lot but thats the foundation of your SEO efforts.
Feel free to mail me if you've any more questions. In the meantime, i'm sure there'll be more help here tomorrow.


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Welcome to the forum :)

Using extra domain names that are keyword rich to redirect traffic directly is a very dangerous tactic that probably won't give you any benefits

You should focus on building organic traffic via careful optimisation and link building.


PS: You might find some of the rubbish I've posted on my SEO blog of interest:


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You guys are a mine of information. Thanks very much!
I want to keep it to legit SEO practices, just wasn't sure if the domain name idea was legit or not.

Thanks so much for your help people.



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Ecologikids said:
Or do you run the risk of google blacklisting you because it's a re-direct?

for example could i buy the domain to help with our google listings and have it pointing towards my website?

Just a (possibly) stupid idea I had - very VERY new to all this and have been reading here for ages.

My website is - we simply used wordpress blog for the info/resource/content part and then an oscommerce shop..NOTE...I KNOW it looks crap at the moment - we're in the process of developing a new site that will be much more aesthetic and geared towards the type of thing we're selling...cloth nappies (DON'T LAUGH - the market is getting really big for these things..).

Anyway, I'm rated 4 in google PR - we've been online since April 06. However I NEVER EVER come up in the listing...I changed my keywords recently so am hoping that might help our listing position...believe it or not it seems to be quite competitive between the different cloth nappy sites.

I've started using adwords - just the 30 euros per month option for now have keywords (site isn't validated - there appears to be 7 errors in some of the code - does this make a huge difference??)..

sorry for all the questions but I'm just starting out and trying to understand all this new language and lingo and I'm completely IT illiterate (sp? lmao how apt..).

ok so no sniggery comments on the products - just advice please??pretty please?
Just have to wonder about Google's view of redirects - if you do a 301 redirect then I cant see how google would penalise you.

Perhaps if the domain you are directing from never had any content I supose, but not so sure on this.

As Michele says the best bet is optimising your current site and building some really good IBL's.

WRT errors on page: I dont reckon Google adwords gives two tosses about your code. No Google property that I have ever been on validates.

But as a word of advice I personally wont let something out into the wild unless it validates. I cant say that it will help you in the SERPs but I can tell you that it definitely wont hurt. SE spiders do seem to appreciate valid markup and it is good to get into the habit or writing good code.

If you are spending €30 p.m. currently you might consider upping this a bit and purchasing some high PR text links from on-topic sites (I dont like banners personally). If you get just one or two heavy weight PR on-topic pages linking into you you could do very well for your keywords/phrases. (Of course I cant say how competitive your keyphrases are without knowing them). [edit this - a couple of good pr5-6 links should do the trick for nappies ireland]

A couple of hundred low PR IBL's could do the trick either.

Had you gone from PR0 to PR4 so quickly last year it would have been a great thing. But because Google had all sorts of problems with their latest update I reckon you are going to have a hard time getting PR above that.

Just to let you know, YOUR sites PR DOES NOT determine your position in the SERPs (oops Search Engine Results Pages). Noone is 100% sure how Google does it but most would agree that it is the pagerank of the SITES LINKING TO YOU that matters (and the more on-topic they are the better).

ps maybe look for links from Irish sites related to kids? Dont know any but some might just link to you becuase you are selling a good product.

Hang on... I just took a look at the site. You are #1 for 'baby nappies ireland' but I cant imagine thats such a good keyphrase. I reckon you should target 'nappies ireland' and 'nappy ireland'. 'nappies Ireland' doesn't look too competitive (
Results 1 - 10 of about 186,000)

Goto and ask them for a link - all your competition is there so the're sure to give you a link. (just noticed this by searching google :) )

Change your page title to 'Nappies Ireland'

Here are the errors from your homepage:
line 50 column 3 - Warning: missing </a> before <h1>
line 50 column 44 - Warning: inserting implicit <a>
line 50 column 60 - Warning: discarding unexpected </a>
line 175 column 17 - Warning: missing <li>
line 83 column 81 - Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute
line 107 column 33 - Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute
line 213 column 2 - Warning: <div> anchor "navmenu" already defined
line 65 column 2 - Warning: trimming empty <span>
line 66 column 2 - Warning: trimming empty <span>

Your current keywords META is "reusable reuseable diaper wraps
slings liner hemp earth friendly information info cloth
nappies ireland real nappy dublin bumgenius tots bots
swaddlebees nature babies advice disposable wen environment
ecology baby mothers natural parenting environmental green
ethical cute kids"

These keywords should also appear in the text of your page. But before
you go changing the text change the keywords. You should separate keyprases
with commas. Maybe try something like: "nappies ireland,cloth nappies ireland,
resuseable diapers,environemtally friendly nappies" - things that people are likely
to search for (I dont think anyone will use those brands but what do I know
about nappies!)

Try to use <h1> tag with maybe 'Welcome to EcologiKids Nappies Ireland' but keep it in the normal flow of your site. (so you will have <h1>Welcome to EcologiKids Nappies Ireland</h1> in your markup).
Try to build links with a variety of anchors related to 'nappies Ireland'.
I reckon you could get no 1 for that keyphrase pretty easily.

Here's a table of keyphrases,
how many results come back for each search and how many google ads appear for those search terms. (table didnt format so well). Might be some use to you
keyword searchresults googleads
nappies ireland 186000 2
cloth nappies ireland 53600 9
baby nappies ireland 243000 5
baby nappies 1820000 10
reuseable diapers ireland 88 3
reuseable nappies ireland 20400 3
environmentally friendly nappies ireland 26300 3

Woah boy that was some post. I cant even see up above to remember half what I wrote!

Hope some of this helps.
Is this TinyMCE Michele? its giving a royal pain in the rear.:eek:


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rgh said:

Is this TinyMCE Michele? its giving a royal pain in the rear.:eek:
You can turn it off in the "User CP"

Not sure what it is using, but it's part of vbulletin
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