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Hi all,
I am about to embark on the construction of a new site and would like some advice.
The site will be laid out like a standard e-commerce store but the vast majority of products (about 200) will not be available to actually purchase online.I want visitors to be able to view product details, specs, images etc, but to call for pricing i.e. catalog mode.
However, I do wish to have some products available for online sale.
Having researched the vast array of carts available out there, this seems to be a difficult requirement. There are hacks that can be implemented but I would prefer not to go this route. I find it strange that the option to hide prices is not standard in carts such as Magento.

At this stage I am considering the K2 extension for Joomla and the K2 store component for the sellable products. this is a lot more work than a standard shopping cart. I may also try bigcommerce or core commerce as these seem to offer what I want, the downside being that they are hosted solutions - leaving me at sea in the event of their servers going down.
I have never used any asp carts, would any of those be suitable for this purpose. I am wiling to put my hand to anything that is relatively user friendly.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated


It seems like your requirements boil down simply to replacing the "Buy Now" button on each online purchase product page with a "Call Now" button on each offline purchase page?


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Thanks for the replies.
Maybe switch "out of stock" to "call now"?
Blacknight, do you mean editing the cart code to change the output of an out of stock item to display "Call now" and simply making every item that I dont want to sell as zero stock? That actually sounds like a great idea. Have you ever done this successfully with Magento?
I would very much like to go the magento route, love the layout which suits my product type perfectly.


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You should be able to do it easily enough in Magento by just editing the template files (app/design/frontend/<namespace>/<theme>/catalog/product/view.phtml, list.phtml off the top of my head) and replacing the add to cart button with whatever you want, e.g. Call Now, and remove the add to cart code. And remove the prices and any other changes.

Or follow Blacknight's suggestion, make them out of stock, use CSS to display a 'Call now' button and put a display:none on the prices.

Sorry, half asleep, obviously that would suppress prices for everything.
Set a price of zero for the stuff you can't by online, and then when modifying the template, make the changes as above but conditional on the price being zero


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Take a look on PrestaShop. I've been using it for a while and am very satisfied. Most popular functions is free of charge and if you need any custom made, there is a possibility to buy addons or templates.
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