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Dear advertisers!

We would like to introduce you self-serve platform ClickAdilla. It operates 26 Own Premium websites with the WW traffic on CPM basis

We offer:

- Popunder, banner, push notification traffic
- Worldwide GEO
- Life support team that always ready to help you
- TOP-100 Alexa websites to place your ads
- Calendar limits to advertise on specific days and hours
- Real time bidding for each target
- Clear bidding system, where you can see available amount of traffic and bids of the competitors
- Referral program with 5% bonus from spending of your referrer

Targeting options:

- Country
- Browser;
- Language;
- Operation system;
- Device;
- Carrier/Wi-Fi/3G;
- Category;
- Website (we own more than 26 Adult and Mainstream sources).

The minimum deposit is $50 to get organic, high quality traffic.

We accept: Paxum, ePayments, Bitcoin, WebMoney Visa/MasterCard, Wire Transfer

Let's start fruitful cooperation!

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Affiliate Case-study competition: we pay $$$ everyone

Do you want to get an impressive bonus on your advertising campaign?

Just create a profitable affiliate case-study using traffic in ClickAdilla and get $ 500.

Authors of 3 best cases will get $ 500, other participants will get $ 100 each.

To do list:
  1. Create a detailed marketing case-study using traffic in ClickAdilla - read the conditions below.
  2. Send the text to the e-mail vladislav.nikitin@ clickadilla. com with subject: “Case-study competition”
  3. Wait until July, 19 and pick up your bonus.
  1. Participants will receive rewards as a balance bonus to their ClickAdilla accounts.
  2. Every participant will get a guaranteed reward of $ 100. TOP-3 winners will receive $ 500, if their campaign budget will be min $ 1000, or 50% of a case campaign's budget if it is less.
  3. The bonuses are meant to be used for advertising only and cannot be withdrawn.
  4. The Case should be based on ClickAdilla’s ad campaigns. Minimum case campaign's budget should be $250 or more.
  5. You cannot use first deposit coupon in the case.
  6. Cases are accepted both in English and in Russian.
  7. The competition period: from June 3 to July 15, 2019.
  8. Winners will be determined by ClickAdilla’s team on the following criteria: net income, ROI, uniqueness of creative approach.
  9. The author must publish his case on at least one well-known forum or blog (to be discussed with the manager).
  10. ClickAdilla reserves the copyright for the Case and has a right to publish it on any sites.
  11. We accept only profitable cases.
  12. We don’t accept fake cases.
  13. All advertising formats are participating in the competition, except VAST VPAID.
  14. We only accept cases based on offers available to all affiliates - no "private" ones please.
  15. We need clear stats screenshots in CPA network or tracker if you use one. Detailed description of the CPA-offer, advertising campaign settings, link to the landing page, the landing page screenshot, creative screenshots, budget and case earnings.
  16. One author can send us up to 2 cases.
The more interesting and unique your case is - the higher is the chance to win $ 500.

Good luck!

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Statistics panel update in Self-Serve!

Hello everyone, now you can see the new groups of targets in your statistics on the dashboard. You can view detailed stats on the following data:




-Operating Systems;


It will help you to see the deep stats without using any side trackers and improve your campaigns to maximize your profit.


Add your company details in Clickadilla!

Hey dears, now you can add your company details in the ClickAdilla network.

If you present Ad Network - you can always add information about it!

This will help to offer the right support for you and solve your issuer faster, also the company in the account simplifies Credit Card verification if you use a corporate one.

For companies, there is an accelerated verification procedure.

If you want to change your account type to "Company", please click on your name in the upper left corner, select Profile - Account Type and choose - company - update, fill in the required fields and verify using one of two methods. After that, your manager will confirm the new account type within 1 hour.

To sign up a new “company”, you need to tick the "company" with the new registration and fill in the required fields.

After that, you will be transferred to the page for verification.

Please note that in both cases your account will function as “personal” until the status of “company” is confirmed by the manager.

That's all for now, stay with us!

Sincerely yours,




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Meet push traffic on CPC:
- You pay only for clicks, not for impressions
- Transparent statistics
- Easier campaign and creative optimization

Also I would like to remind, that ClickAdilla has the lowest prices on Web Push traffic on the market, as we have own base of subscribers - over 500K.

API integration
Flexible limits
Moreover, we allow to use adult landing-pages. Most part of Ad Networks forbid it

Advice: run identical advertising campaigns on CPM and CPC models, compare what works best and leave the most profitable. Also, don't forget to improve your creative ads and landing pages for the best results.

Please leave your feedback in the comments.
Have a good week!


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In case you are engaged in SEO, you should know how hard links are important in this way of website promotion. What is a hard link? It’s like a backlink, but gives you rich result: you get traffic on your site and boost your Google rankings.

Google friendlyHard link is a super way to get a top Google ranking, especially if you buy a link for a long time. Google does not consider links from adult and porn resources to be spam and and problematic for the site. In itself, the presence of incoming links from adult resources does not harm the reputation of the site and does not affect its ranking, if they are obtained naturally.
We offer you to get a prominent link at the top of the page. Here's what it looks like:

This hard link is located on navigation bar and is displayed on all pages of the website. Visible everywhere and cannot be missed, as they are placed in our main menu which every user needs to use.
Our resourcesYou can buy a link on any site, of course, if the place is not yet sold. We sell no more than 2 links on one site. Our sites take worldwide TOP rankings, for example:

Our advantages
- Fraud free. 100% human traffic.
- Huge traffic volume: up to 129 million visits per month from TOP site.
- No URL redirects.
- We don’t tag links as nofollow.
- High CTR.
- Max 2 Tab links.
- Our sites are not overloaded with ads.

For the best performance, the content on the link should be relevant to the site. So what content will be most appropriate? We mainly sell links to sites with the following content:
- Webcams
- Virtual Reality content
- Paid sites
- Dating


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Meet Our New Site -
It's a premium source with mainstream videos.

The advantage of this site in 10 seconds skip for Pre-Roll ads.

YouTube advertisers know how important is Viewer Retention rate. The more minutes a user watched your video, the higher your video will be ranked.
Min bid reduced to $0.5 per 1000 impressions (instead of $0.65 for other sources).

Follow here to know how to start campaign.

NB: Contact support manager to approve campaign with this source. Otherwise, you will not get traffic.

Add Multiple YouTube Videos Via API
In case you have a lot of YouTube videos for advertising - use API to add multiple YouTube videos into the one tag.
Use our tool to create VAST-tag. After creating the tag it is possible to edit and delete it.

Multiple videos can also be added manually.

Detailed Instructions


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Meet New Feature - Smart Rotator for Push Notifications

This is a smart tool for campaign auto-optimization. Smart Rotator helps to choose the best-performing creative.

How it works?
First of all, create Web Push ad and select Smart rotation.
Create ad sets include such parts as: -icon, - picture, -title, -body. It’s optional, you can add, for example, only icon and text.
Maximum you can upload up to 5 ad sets.
Then, create push campaign on CPC or CPM model.
As soon as the campaign is launched, the traffic is evenly allocated between all creative sets. Smart rotator conduct A/B test.
After each ad set get a certain number of impressions, the system compare CTR and the best one gets traffic.

Hope this feature will save your time from manual A/B testing.
Smart Rotator is available on our Self-Serve Platform. Try it now and share your experience.


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Banner advertisement is one of the common display ad formats. Surprisingly, banner advertising is still plays an important role in today***8217;s market, and their era is far from over.

ClickAdilla have an inventory of 8 types of banners in the following dimensions: 300x100, 320x250, 728x90.

Here are the banner traffic stats for the last month:

TOP-10 GEOs and minimum CPM
India $ 0.004
United States $ 0.01
Germany $ 0.019
Japan $ 0.003
France $ 0.018
United Kingdom $ 0.021
South Korea $ 0.017
Russia $ 0.004
Mexico $ 0.004
Italy $ 0.014

Keep in mind that bids and volumes are constantly changing, so you should not take this as an axiom.

Read more in the blog


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Boo! Which would you choose, trick or treat? Of course you'd choose trick, wouldn't you?

But not candies, We prepared a super offer for you.


MyHalloween2019 - get 5% to the deposit.

FirstHalloween2019 - get 10% to the first deposit.

The min amount to replenish is $150

Don’t delay! The coupons expires November, 3

Log in ClickAdilla to get bonus!


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Video In-Stream or Pre-roll ad format is an excellent way to build awareness, particularly on sites that are highly visible. Running an ad before the user’s desired content means the audience is likely still engaged, interested, and willing to sit through a brief ad to get to the content they want to see.

Pre-roll ads in ClickAdilla can be skipped in 5 sec.

Video File Size: up to 15MB.

Minimum Duration: 15 seconds.

Even though video duration is not limited, it’s best to assume that you only have 5 seconds with your audience. Create the most basic version of your message, fitting the most crucial, attention-grabbing content into the first 5 seconds.

TOP-15 GEOs for Video In-Stream traffic in ClickAdilla

provides 3.3 billion impressions daily.

CPM depends on country and other target options.

To check daily traffic volume on desired GEO, min and max CPM - tap create campaign on your dashboard.

Best Verticals for Video Pre-Rolls with ClickAdilla's traffic

  • WebCams
  • Nutra and adult offers
  • Movie trailers
  • Video game apps
  • Betting and Gambling offers
To check the daily traffic volume on desired GEO, min and max CPM - tap create campaign on your dashboard.

Also, we’ve gathered a few of the best commercials of all time. Get Inspired!

Don't hesitate to contact your account manager or live-chat support to learn more about video advertising options in ClickAdilla.


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You asked, we did!
Meet new tracking parameters for web push notifications.
[PRICE] - price per 1000 impressions or per 1 click (depends on the pricing model).
[WEB_PUSH_ID] - ID of the advertisement.
[WEB_PUSH_CREATIVE_ID] - ID of the push notification in the rotation.

All available tracking parameters are here.

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Need more tokens? Please, write in the comments which one you would need.


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Did you try Instant Message banner format? No? Then, we highly recommend to test it!
Instant Message is a mobile banner that appears at the bottom of the page. It’s a great ad format to increase sales and promote your brand. With our traffic this type of ads is most effective for dating and webcam offers. Adult creatives are allowed.

TOP-15 GEOs for IM


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It's our first Black Friday promo!

And this is the right time to take advantage of our Self-Serve Platform.

Apply promo code BlackFriday2019 and get +15% to the first deposit. Such deal is only once a year, trust me. Minimum amount for replenishment is $200.
For the existing clients we have another super deal - apply promo code SuperDeal and get +10% to the deposit. Minimum amount for replenishment is $300.
These coupons are valid until December 1.


Don’t hesitate to contact our support manager via live-chat or skype.

BTW: In case you are registered in and subscribed to our newsletters, then you got super hot deals of our partners.


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Web push notification - is one of the newest and trending formats of digital marketing. It has gathered momentum in the past three years. Push notifications have the highest CTR compared to other funnels. This advertising method is suitable for any offer.

But these advantages do not mean that starting the push campaign, you click on the button “Get money”, and your ROI will be over 200%. As with other ad formats, the journey begins with creative work.

Correctly prepared push ads campaigns can be perfectly matched with a wide selection of verticals, such as sweepstakes, gambling, sports betting, gaming, finance, nutra, mobile apps, games, adult, web-cams, dating and others. Let’s create an example of push notification for a dating offer…

Read more on our blog…

Don’t hesitate to contact our live-chat support. Managers will help you set up and run your campaigns.


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Running a web push campaign? Then our feature will help you to increase your CTR. Now you can target web push notifications on freshly subscribed users.

Why is it so important?

People, who have just subscribed are usually more active and more likely to click on ads. You can test your new offers using this option and after - scale it to all subscriber base.

We hope this lifetime targeting will help you reach your goals much quicker.

How to choose this option?

This setting is set by account manager. You can contact support manager via skype or live-chat.

And in case you missed our essential guide on launching web push campaign, rather follow the link.



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Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is approaching.
The Chinese New Year of 2020 falls on January 25th (Saturday), and the festival will last to February 8th, about 15 days in total. 2020 is a Year of the Metal Rat according to Chinese zodiac.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

We would like to remind you, that in our ad network you can find traffic worldwide, and China is no exception.

Here is what is in our inventory:

Also you can select Device or an Operating system to check the traffic volume that we have.

Data is relevant for January 24, 2020.

You can find data on other countries on your dashboard - click on Tab Traffic Chart.

Feel free to contact us on Skype or via Live-Chat.


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In case you have even a little experience buying advertising on CPM and CPC bidding models, then you have realized that each model has its own benefits. And if you look for information on the Internet, you will surely stumble upon a bunch of different opinions and arguments in favor of one or the second. Everybody has their own theories about what does and does not work. So many men, so many minds.

We have compared these bidding models and found its advantages and disadvantages.

Check it out in our blog.

Use our Traffic chart to find traffic volume for each Geo and ad formats in ClickAdilla inventory.


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We have relaxed our rules for web push notifications containing adult content.

Starting this week soft erotica is allowed.

Get more quality traffic with our 25 new Premium sites. They are already available on your dashboard. While creating a campaign, open the tab Sites and select Premium sources.

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Meet New ad format in ClickAdilla

Native ads appear as a part of the web page. Native ads is non-intrusive like display ads, because It doesn't really look like ads at first glance.
On our sites native ads are placed at the bottom of the page.

The native ad block consists of 5 banners.

Each block has two elements:
- Title
- Image (300 x 250 px; jpg, png or gif)

| Size and format are customizable.

Click here to know how to launch Native ads campaign.
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