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Think I used work with a few of the lads who went to work for them.

Its a nice idea (and one that I had a while back and checked if anyone had done it and I found them which shocked me as they were galway based) but I'm wondering if its nearly too dated now ? They've been at this for 4 years ? thats quite some time .. another year or two to actually start to get it into widespread use at least.

With broadband speeds approaching 24Mbit/s in Paris for example (no idea of current stats in the UK) ... is this not gonna be pretty much a dead technology pretty shortly ?

1. I've to bring my key with me
2. I've got to get my key to begin with which I presume will cost me

24Mbit/sec means 3Mbs a sec
Given low quality div x movies are around the 700 mb size this would mean 4 minutes to download a movie from your home "movie box" of course thats not high def which are quite a bit larger so maybe there is a market for the key.


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I wish them luck and all of that but can't see it being a long term thing, with apple tv and the likes.

Microsoft were saying recently that shortly there won't be any portable storage i.e. blu ray and the likes and they're aiming towards wireless data transfer.


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mmmm....I can now rent HD movies on my xbox 360, I can download the latest releases with bit comet and stream them straight to the 360......mmm walking down to the video shop in the snow to rent a memory card, not so sure.....Somebody launching a phone with a HD port so I can stream straight to my telly from my phone using my HSDPA that's progress.....:rolleyes:
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