Commit a Random act of Kindness Now

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New Year's resolutions are all very well for the crowd, the guys who make and break them every year and retire with nothing more than a tiny pension and no hope of financial freedom.

I don't know if you are different, or even if you want to be different. Do you want more out of life that the same old, same old?

Well get off your ass and Commit a Random Act of Kindness!

Only you will know what form that will take, maybe it is actually smiling at your partner before breakfast, helping a co-worker with some job or just accepting someone's failings.

Go on just do it - and then feel really good, because you did something great.

Any suggestions on what to do for your fellow traveller welcome.

Would also love to hear how you may have felt after you did something kind, for the sheer hell of it!


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*Goes outside to give homeless dude a blanket and a flask of Choca Mocha Latté ya ya*


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Random Acts of Kindness can be a lot of fun.

My personal favorite is paying for the car behind as well when you go through the toll both. Confusses the hell out of some people


Open a shop door for someone.

Old people = "Thanks, son"
Young people = "D'ya tink I'm f***in' helpless or wha?" [or they'll ignore you]


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Smiles are like ripples in a pond

If you smile at one person, that creates a warmness and propensity to smile in them, which they will pass on. You one small act can create hundreds of people who are that little bit happier.

So go on smile, you owe it to the world!:rolleyes: :)

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Just joking around blacknight.

Anyway, I was brought up to always hold doors for people, or give up a seat on a bus for someone who looks like they need it more than I do, it doesn't take much.

One of the nicest things done for me was the other week, I was walking home at like 5am,it's bright already, I'm a bit pished, and it's a good long walk (usually takes me about an hour). A taxi drove by and I kind of looked longingly at it as it passed. The car stopped and the window rolled down. I shouted over that I had no money, but asked if he could drop me to the end of the road (it's one long road, and he was obviously going that away anyway). He tells me to hop in, and asks where I live, and drops me all the way home. Apparently since it was 5am on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and he was just about to finish, he had nothing better to be doing. Shook his hand and thanked him many times, he really made my day, and saved me about an hour.


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Nicest thing I've done recently...

... I bought a sandwiche for a homeless man, he seemed to be grateful.

Nicest thing that's happened to me?

... Ehh, I suppose my first job, 16, worked as a apprentice web developer in a big big company in Dublin. They paid my fairly (better than a 17 year old in Tesco anyway), and they spent a lot of time training me. The next year I helped to train up on of their staff and went off on my own little expidition into design and development
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