Common Magento Performance Issues And Fixes


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Magento performance optimization is necessary for several reasons. According to a study, 42% of consumers abandon the site if it’s longer than 3 seconds to load. If you go anywhere above that range, it means the chances of abandonment rise by a significant percentage.

Ecommerce businesses cannot afford to lose it. It makes Magento speed optimization all more important. To minimize the risk of the page loading slowly, you need to work on different factors that can lead to slowing down. This starts with configuring of Magento website.

Before you start with the development work, make sure you have got a strategy that can help you in the course. This strategy helps you lay a scalable foundation to build your business. Conducting regular speed tests and performance checks also is necessary.

Some of the basic tools that you must know of are, Google’s page speed tool. These tools are widely trusted in the domain and have been giving away some amazing results. Another way to get useful insights about the performance of the Magento website includes adding extensions or tools that give you the necessary information to work on factors that are causing the bad experience.

Factors That May Cause The Magento Performance Issues

1. Choosing The Wrong Theme
2. Excessive Third-Party Extensions
3. Incorrect Database Configurations
4. Slow Server
5. Incorrect Operation Mode
6. Misconfigured Caching
7. Flat Catalogs
8. Excessive And Unoptimized Media
9. Using Database Search

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