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How do you manage your customer care for your e-business? Do you think it is important to provide support 24 by 7 or do you have a set up hours (9 am to 5 pm for example)?

And... do you think to outsource your customer care requirements to a contact centre or do you prefer to manage it in-house?

I work in a contact centre and we provide customer support for some Irish and UK e-businesses. I also studied a e-business master last year and I am aiming to open my own e-business in a future. It will be interesting to know how start-ups and already trading e-business manage their own customer support and get some personal experiences.

I also put together this whitepaper for my company: Whitepaper Online E-commerce & the Challenges of customer care | Call Management
If you can check it and let me know your thoughts, it will be really appreciate it!
Not open for further replies.
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