Delivery Date Time for Magento 2 Extension


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Delivery Date time for magento 2 allows the customers to choose their preferred date and time for their orders.

In recent years, while E-commerce has been highly competitive, it is known that selling quality products is not the only key factor to become successful. Customers need more advanced services than what standard Magento 2 delivery options can bring, such as immediately shipping or shipping on a specific date. This Magento2 delivery extension is the solution to accompany great shopping experience and streamline order management.

Download at: Delivery Time for Magento 2

  • Enable clients to select delivery time and date.

  • Configure how delivery information will be shown in front-end area.

  • Support buyers to leave delivery comments.

  • Keep any dates out from your delivery plan.

  • Configure minimum and maximum delivery intervals.

  • Enabling customers to choose proper shipping time and date for their orders
  • Specifying delivery schedule
  • Excluding any particular days or hours for unavailable delivery
  • Attaching delivery information to emails and printing order-related documents.
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