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Hi all,

I wrote this article a while back about where I get Design Inspiration for my projects. Well its not only design inspiration but coding too.

But I'm sure I missed out on about a million sites that are really good for inspiration too. Anyone have any favourites?


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Not bad. not bad at all. Seems to have some very interesting articles up there.

Though if you know this person - tell them that the site doesn't render properly in IE6 - I think it has a problem with the width of the search box causing it to drop down below the header image.


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Thanks James for the link!

Thanks Dan for the IE6 warning. God, I hate that browser.

I would have listed many of ones you had in your top 10. Other sites that I like for inspiration are;

Design anywhere and digital culture magazine | Netdiver
Design Meltdown
The FWA: Favourite Website Awards - Web awards at the cutting edge
COLOURlovers :: Color Trends + Palettes - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store! - I love movie posters
Threadless T-Shirts - Designer Clothing Submissions - Tees, Tshirts and T shirts! - Almost everything about PDF magazines
HOW Design - Inspiration for Graphic Designers

Books: I buy quite a few books and get some from the library. Sometimes I'm a bit of a saddo and just look at the covers of books and think about buying them...

Nachricht fr Netscape 4 User

Graphic Design Books. Books: logos, packaging, typography, avertising and graphic design : Index Book design

Hmmm, I think I feel a blog post about design books coming on...
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