Did anybody heard about...

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Did anybody heard about "wunderloop" ( . com and . net ) ? ..

"Behaviourally Targeted open Ad exchange that allows profiled inventory to be traded across the internet. By identifying target groups it allows an advertiser to reach their target market wherever they may be in the exchange. By adding intelligence and relevance to the media buy, results are greatly increased. For advertisers, this is the first time they can do their strategy, planning and buying for a targeted audience on a true set of unique users across a large number of sites."

I keep getting calls from UK and mails like :

We are working with over 200 premium publishers and agencies in the UK, a) getting publisher inventory up and sites tagged for profiling, as well as training agencies on use of the system and implementation - Agency uptake has been fantastic, and we've got lots of campaigns ready to commence.

I've attached our 2 pages for you to have a read of, outlining the benefits to all who use connect in a bit more detail.

Can you please send me a list of sites that you own and run and total number of page impressions and unique users.

I look forward to our chat tomorrow.


Dave "

and all the usual nice words but as much as I've asked around it seems that nobody heard about them..!?!

They first contacted me out of nowhere so that is why I am so...suspicious :rolleyes:

Have a look at the attachement and please tell me what you think .

I am actually looking around to move on from Adsense ( Bidvertiser is a joke ... Adbrite is ok on some- bad on some etc ...) so any thoughts on this could be valuable to me...


P.S. Attachement as .txt because was too big in original format ( PDF )
Not open for further replies.
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