Do you spend too much time in front of a computer?

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Am I the only one to vote No here? Or am I the only dishonest one?

Self employed, so the amount of time at the screen is dictated by workload. I start at 9 [or whenever I wake, whichever is the earliest], and generally knock off between 5 and 6. At that stage I've usually had enough.

I used to play a lot of games, but got bored with them in the end. Now it is work only, with the odd bit of surfing and online shopping. Too much else to do, like fighting with Herself, kicking the dog and screaming abuse at the telly. I used to go for the occasional pint but the Health Mafia put a stop to that. [One of these years, I guarantee they'll discover smoking is actually good for you]...


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I spend way too much time on the PC.

From 9-5 I work online and from 6-2am I am online working for myself. I find it difficult to get time for food shopping and even more difficult for time to cook, thankfully there is a chipper next door.

And I wonder why my ex dumped me :(

Baahh and Im still not rich....yet.


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Let's see....

I turn on my pc first thing in the morning, as soon as I fall out of bed.
Make coffee and drink it while checking mails, blogging and editing or looking at the Blacknight Support Desk
Work from 9-6 in front of PC. I sometimes take a cigarette break, but I normally don't take a normal lunch break..
Home around 6 and then it varies ... Maybe a few more hours, or maybe DVDs / TV with a nice cold beer (or 3)


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Weekdays, usually:

07:00-07:30, Morning Email and News Check
09:00-17:30, Work
19:00-23:00, World of Warcraft or other MMO/Game, or writing.

I do get away from the bitstream for D&D games and a few other social pursuits, and at the weekends... but seeing as my whole household follows this kind of routine, nobody complains.


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work 9 - 5 on pc
home 7 - 10 on pc
(get up in the middle of the night and bench press 5,000, write some poems, brew my own wine, donate some money to some charity)
bed again

stick all that in a while loop for monday to friday


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At the moment it's on the Mac in work from 8:30 - 5:00 and then again at home from around 6:30 to 11:00/12:00. :(

All that is about to change however, as I've handed in my notice and shall be self-employed from January. :D Please god I'll be able to get the W/L balance right from the start...


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I'd say I spend 12 hrs per day in front of a PC. give or take a couple of hours. There used to be days i'd spend 4-5 hours per night online after staring at a PC all day long at work. ****ing animal ****, it's so addictive.


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hmm I don't sleep well so can be on-line in the middle of the night, but come 7:30am I'd definitely wide awake and on-line reading mails/blogs. Either at work using a PC or on-line if I can talk nicely to the IT ppl at work and get net access sorted out :D. home around 7 and on-line again or else downing things to read/watch :) My only other hobby outside of being on-line is being in a pub these days!.........need to get out more!!:eek:
Hi friend !
i do not worry about how many time i spend in front of
computer because i am not single and i not need to pass the time with the
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