Do you spend too much time in front of a computer?

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I'd like to make a more detailed post but it's 5pm on a Friday and as I write I'm already being told I'm on the PC too much. :rolleyes: But it's the weekend and I'll be looking to squeeze in some game playing/recreation time on the PC at some stage. :D


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oh yes I have a problem.

Being in between education and work at the moment. I have a lot of spare time to fill...


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I spent a lot if not a large percentage of my time in front of a computer of sorts..

I love it! Although i am not as bad as i used to be...

"Hook it to my veins!" ;)


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Put it this way, my girlfriend says her next life she want to come back as a keyboard cause she will get more attention...

Hence my signature at the moment... Eh realistically 10 hours a day some days a week, plus nixers, so maybe a total clock up of... 45 hours a week... my god no wonder my right eye is depleting!


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Hence my signature at the moment... Eh realistically 10 hours a day some days a week, plus nixers, so maybe a total clock up of... 45 hours a week... my god no wonder my right eye is depleting!

According to my last Eye Test (for my provisional .. yes I'm one of those people) I've perfect vision.

At the moment I'd spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of the computer but thats the name of the game. if you consider 8 hours a day most days ... and then some you're already talking 56 hours .. Add onto that the actual time I'm in front of the computer .. and EEK :D


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I am one of the under-control group - but beeing female in the IT world, I am used to being part of a minority :D

I am in the internet business for 10 years, counting my new media experience it is more then a decade, for 5 years I am self-employed. If one does not want to end in a burn-out it is extremely important to balance out working-load. But as I grew up in family of self-employds and farmers - I tend to get work done when it is needed, and 40hours a week is not always realistic. But, I also have the freedom to take an after noon (or day, or two) off and devote my time to my family. It is all about organization (and first of all of course priorization).


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yeah .. part of my new years resolution was to make more personal time ... its got to be driving Valerie-Anne up the wall for the last year how much time I'm spending online. Still we do get away every so often ... and clients seem ok when you tell them you'll be gone for a week ... though with more and more work coming in that may change) coming back can be crazy though with the build up of issues.


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I am not a computer addict. I use my computer for my work, listening musics and playing games. I spend only 5 hours in a day in computer.

Bindu Jaisankar


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I've found since they released the Nokia net phones and the iPhone, I can even be online during meetings, while driving (erm, I mean being driven), funerals of distant relatives I've never met, while playing sports, watching tv, cooking, eating...I can even distract myself from being online on my phone by occassionally turning on my laptop....


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I wouldn't say it's a problem but I do spend probably too much time on computers. But I think most people on this forum will have the same one! I'd say most of my friends would say I have a problem though!


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as much as I enjoy my job i refuse to do any work at the weekend ... saturdays and sundays are my days to chill out, get pollaxed and be social :)

my wee brother spends 24/7 playing World of War Crap and I dont know how he does it, ya have to have a life away from the computer too!


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Some would say Yes I tend to spend to much time in front of a computer but I'd say...No
I still have time for my 15 months old kid, tennis,swimming,day job ( err...night actually ),wife,friends or just plain and simple getting drunk :)

So Yes I say No !


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I'd get much more done while I am on the computer if I didn't have the TV blaring in the background. I really need a quiet office to concentrate on what I'm doing. Started out working 18 hours a day just on my first site and then it started taking off. So now I spend more time figuring out what others are doing and slowly working on other sites. I should really get a life.


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I’m spending more than 16 hours in front of my computer doing many stuffs including my permanent job and all my part time works.


The IPhone has just ruined the whole footie pitch - completely mucked it up.

On PC now 10.30 ish listening to ITunes (The Decemberists if anyone cares). While typing this - Tweetdeck is running (beep hold on a sec.) DVD paused on laptop of Spanish BA studying throug distance learning in my spare time.

Visiting the Mother In Law the other night was checking e-mail on the QT while she was rabbitting on - sooo

No problem. When I get concerned I just go out and run for an hour and feel better. Solid firewall in the office stops it getting completely out of control however - LOL

Wife at work, kids in bed so its my ball so I can do whatever I want with it.


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14 to 16 hours a day

Yes, I spend too much time in my computer. Normally, 14 to 16 hours a day, working on the projects.
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