Does SEO ranking still exist


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Well, unlike the rumors, it’s not gone. At least not yet. But there are some widespread changes that are filtering in. Here is something i read and hope you find it as informative and interesting as I did. Media Content is the Key The approach by Google towards search results is drastically changing. The more diversified the content on the website, the better are its chances on the search list. These search results will give the users a chance to view results beyond those shown in the Search Engine Land.

I think content will lead the criteria for future SEO ranking. Any opinions in this matter?


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I definitely agree with you that content is still the most significant thing in SEO ranking. In fact, in SEO content is king. Though today there are many ways in optimizing search engine. But content is still the most powerful tool to pull traffic in your sites.


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if you stop working. then backlinks of other sites will increase from your. so others will gain higher rank than you.


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Content is important but its not the only aspect of seo. High quality backlinks and visitor activity are also important


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I think that content is important but not just for google but for the actual viewers sake, sometimes people can get too obsessed with google and forget all about the main aim of simply pleasing the visitor, as a pleased visitor is way more likely to link your website to something and or tell their friends about your website.
Yes.SEO ranking is one of the powerful tools for better website ranking.The technique involves optimizing the website that is on page as well as offpage activites and if done properly they can provide you with good keyword rankings.


SEO Ranking still exist on top on a search engine while you can post unique and informative content at high da and pa website.
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