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yep, i buy domains once in a while from club drop.

i download that days list & have a script that checks to see if an IE or CO.UK exists for the dropping com. If they exist I get an email.

just a bit of fun realy, as havnt made anything out of it so far.

example different crews have the IE & UK domains .. maybe I'll get an offer one day.

BTW. you'll see I set up that google sense thing blacknight mentioned somewhere ... well for 9 dollars you cant go wrong. yesturday it earnt 60 cent !! ... its only been there a week, so I will report back from my yaught in the bahamas once it takes off (?)
90% of what it finds is people who registered the .com along with a uk or IE, then did nothing with any of them. So the .coms are of no real value.

The other thing to say is that it is distracting from 'real' work , looking at these domains ... so realy something you just do for fun when you're messing about.

However, I do think there is potentialy some mileage in it ... I caught one domain , which I thought was great as there is a multi million corp. in US called crescent communications ..... unfortuanatly, they went into liquidation soon thereafter.

I certainly would recomend anyone to have a look at club drop. You should be aware that you'll end up paying at least 45 E for a com, so it can add up. The other thing to say is - check to see if the domain has any traffic atall, you can do a search on google, and a link: search . That would be a plus point in my book.

You are unlikely to find any missing .coms etc. for your existing clients using club drop - unless you know exactly when it drops - and you'd have to be pretty organised to keep a track of all that. I thought the link michele gave in this thread was very informative -- and it would be fun to chase a specific drop.

I was in a 2 bidder auction for last month , which I would have won had I not totaly forgotten about it in the closing hours ! oh well.

happy hunting.
I just thought I would add:

if you want to develop a script like that ... start by looking at gethostbyname() PHP.

I have to run the script on a local server. My web server won't allow it. Probally because of some security reason (ask blacknight). Anyway, I run it locally, and I get the emails via an image call to the webserver, as my local server isnt allowed to send mail. It is absolutly basic - takes 15 mins. to write. One tip - only process 5 domains at a time else it will time out. I just refresh using javascript passing a query string.
aye, it only costs 20 dollars or so to sign up for a year. I have a couple of domains there, but havn't realy had the time to persue this whole area.

Do you use ? That is also well handy if you upgrade to silver membership. Particualy the who-is history. There is also a plug-in for the google toolbar that seems fairly handy. Silver memebership costs 16 dollars a month. info here


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Of course I've membership on :)

I've been also beta testing the next version of their services for them - some really nice features in the pipeline

I have one for you. It would be very important to me if I can get it. However, litle bit confused.

The domain

ICANN Registrar: ENOM, INC.Created: 1998-08-08Expires: 2006-08-07

has status : with status: Extended RGP , also has who-is identity hidden. I don't quite understand how the status tallies with the renewal date.

very strange coincidence, but the who-is & status seems to have changed today.

I'll send you a pm on this forum with the domain name as I dont want to mention it here. I am a bit wary of contacting enom with an enquiry - although being a premium domain I can't see them letting it drop


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I'd recommend monitoring it via markmonitor ( service)

It isn't listed for sale on Afternic, but it might be somewhere else
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