Double A A4 and Paper one Copy paper 80GSM.


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Please direct contact us when you need A4 Copy paper as origin from Thailand sure will provided as our best price a quality. Aprilasia Henvon ventures are Contract Manufacture Company that base in Malaysia, our product specialist is all RESIN on VIRGIN material for Natural color, RECYCLE with any others color for plastic industry like: PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE &amp.

Double A A4 Copy Paper 80gsm. Size : 219mm X 297mmSubtance. Brightness : 100% above- Color: white- Whiteness :CIE167- Grade :All purpose Premium Paper- Sheet in Ream:500- Roughness:140ml/Min- Thickness :110um- Opacity:95%- Ream box :5 Ream- Quality: Very High.

Please contact us today for your copy paper.

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