Dublin SEO Summit - Online Marketing Event

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Sep. 21st in the Morrison Hotel tickets are still available here: http://www.dublinseosummit.com

Rand Fishkin will be present, probably the most prolific Speaker in the world in relation to Online Marketing. Could be worth a look folks !

3pm - 7pm and a few beers in the Church After It
Ah, seoMoz - creating plastic strategies for everyone :p

A good way to know if you're going to beat your competition: They use seoMoz!

It would be great if we could do a real SEO Summit in Dublin - this is Social Media is beating SEO which is the bane of my life!

Disclaimer: this is just my personal opinion, I apologise if I don't think like you // No offence to peoples living or dead.
Keep your passive aggressive hair on dave ..

"This is social media is beating seo" is available on the Thursday rand will also be speaking at that.
Your a big bitterball for someone thats in the industry - too those 2 particular gigs that are on in dublin ..

Im actually surprised you would'nt even support what their trying to do for the industry in ireland.
Your a big bitterball for someone thats in the industry - too those 2 particular gigs that are on in dublin ..

Im actually surprised you would'nt even support what their trying to do for the industry in ireland.
I said that this is my opinion - Whats the point of raising something in a forum if its not for discussion - just for positive feedback?

FTR - I didn't suggest people should boycott it, I gave my 2p, I'm sorry if you find it difficult that people don't think the same as you, but I dont think its fair that I should be called names. But work away if it helps...

Here's why this is bad:

1. It underlines the misbelief that SEO is dead and Social has "taken over"
It hasn't. We're publishing results of 3.2 million visits of Irish B2C websites from the last few months. Thats representative of a very large segment of Irish Society. 88% comes from Search (SEO+PPC) but the fractional sent by Social Media has an enormous bounce rate. While Social Media is important, displaced Search it has not.

2. seoMOZ did lots of talks at DCU. Let me rewrite this: seoMOZ did lots of sales presentations at DCU. This is fine. But then the organisers should be clear about this

3. There are no Irish SEO's talking except the sponsor. Therefore, its a closed event. If Blackdog, Google, RedFly, Pinnacle or any decent agency or SEO consultant was there, I'd say - maybe this has merit.

I feel that the name has been hijacked for two companies to carry out a PR stunt. That is why I don't like it. I'm entitled to voice my opinion. And your response is just pathetic - personally attaching someone is just loserish.
1. It does not undermine anything, its actually totally the opposite, clearly if you were aware of the "Social Media" event that is on the same week in Dublin you would know this is not a competing event nor even a similar event about social media.
2. Clear about what ?? Seo moz as a sponser ? And fishy himself taking about where the industry is going - or gone in recent times ? Ouch .. i would assume that you speak so highly of him that you guys might be tight ?? Guess not
3. There are Irish Seo,s Talking - what are u basing this on ? lol Glad you think so highly of the range of speakers that are attending and speaking !!

Is there perhaps sour grapes because you were not invited ??
Either way it seems to be sold out now Register for free and attend SEO Conference

I've never heard of the company that is putting it on, ecelticseo.com, but I would be afraid that an event like this would turn into a sale pitch rather than actually giving people information they need to do their own SEO, seeing as they are in the business of selling SEO themselves. Maybe I'm overcritical here.

I only know of Niall & Rand, who are both great speakers, but neither of them do SEO consulting as far as I know. To me SEO and Online Marketing are quite different, it's not really for me to see what is actually being targeted here. Is it pegged more as a marketing event or a SEO event ? There seems to be some conflicting messages, from the domain name dublinseosummit.com to their title tag Internet Marketing Summit Scheduling – Dublin SEO Summit ;)

I do welcome more SEO events in Ireland.
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