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Increase your Magento store sales rapidly!

GoMage Ads & Promo extension is a simple, flexible, yet powerful solution for advertising and promoting your products, prices and campaigns on your Magento store. The extension allows you to select from the following category or product pages to place in your promo images and windows.

Features of GoMage Ads & Promo:
· Allows you to advertise and promote your products, discounts, news and special events;
· Allows you to manage the promotional period start and end dates;
· Allows you to promote only on the product page(s) (new);
· Allows you to count the clicks. Now you will know what is intresting for your customers. (new);
· Allows you to add and display social network bookmarks;
· Easy to add and display corner and sides images;
· Easy to add and display promo windows;
· Allows you to use effects;
· Allows you to specify how many times your customer will see the same promo window (new);
· Set Indent for Promo Images and Windows in pixels or percents (new);
· Involves customers in campaigns;
· Display videos from YouTube and others services on product pages;
· Allows you to include multiple ad units per page;
· Select which position (left/right, top/bottom) of the page to display ad item;
· Display Magento blocks as contact form, newsletter subscription, cart and many others in the promo window;
· Extension is easy to customize with separated layout form and CSS;
· Easy installation of the extension allows you to just upload files without changing codes or templates.

Also Includes:
· 14 days money back guarantee;
· Free Magento Ads extension updates for a 1-year;
· Free 6 months support.

Click here to see Live Demo version of GoMage Ads & Promo
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