Extended Product Grid with Editor

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Add the necessary product attributes and edit product data on the product grid to immensely increase time efficiency of your catalog management process.

Read full information about magento extension by Amasty Extended Product Grid with Editor

- Add attributes to the product grid.

- Individual display of attributes for each admin user.

- Display product thumnails on category pages in admin panel.

- Change order of columns on the product grid with drag-and-drop.

- Disable some columns for the product grid.

- Display product thumbnails on the grid. Find products without images.

- Show product categories on the grid.

- Identify products without categories.

- Product dates on the grid.

- Edit vast majority of product information on the product grid.

- Save edits either one by one or in bulk.

- Save a lot of time on product editing.

- Export lists of products right from the grid.

- Add and deduct product quantity.

- Automatic Quantity Based Availability.

- Compatibility with other extensions.
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