Fashionable watches - review.

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I got a bit dizzy from the flash at the start but my only other comments are that when you go into the site there is no way to get back to the first page. Other than that there is no search function (or I couldn't find it in the 30 seconds I spent on the site (after my dizzy spell that is :)) Also a bit slow to load.

Nice colour scheme..

What does S.T.A.M.P.S stand for ?


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Nice site, the flash is a bit heavy.

After you hit buy, you have to seach for the go to shopping cart in the top right hand.

Possibly this should be an option after you click buy on the purchased item ?

Best of luck with it.


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I think it looks great..for a fashion site I think the flash is appropriate.

you really should have a search button IMO and well...this may be just me but while i really like the colour scheme it did make some of the links hard to find. For example the quick cart at the top...i feel it should be more visible to the user...and the "go to shopping cart" link....honestly took me about 45 frustrating seconds to find....its almost hidden away...needs to be WAY more visible.

other than that its a cracking site, fair play.


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A Timeless Site (sorry!) - no great, plus with 23 watches and counting - i would know.

When you make your own watch - if you click 'buy' it doesnt indicate that there is a watch in the shopping crart unless you look above - is no big one - i just clicked it 3 times....

maybe the "buy" should be 'add to cart' as i thought "buy" would slip me off to the shopping area.

Otherwise it real easy to get around.



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It's a nice site. Very clean and easy to use with the two exceptions below which irked me after being on the site for a little while... I agree with the shopping cart opinions above. Also - I found it ridiculously difficult to get back to the main page after going into the watches section without hitting the back button. Internet users are used to having a main-page link or having your logo link to the main page.
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